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asian studies catalogue 2018 the general history of chinese tourism culture by yong ma hongxia su qian jin wei feng jianuo liu wenying huang this book is the first book on the history of chinese traveling culture it reviewed the history of chinese traveling culture and revealed the cultural significance of china’s traveling phenomena and the underlying principles of its changing traveling culture published by scpg publishing corporation and distributed by world scientific for all markets except china readership people interested in chinese traveling culture 488pp jun 2016 978-1-938368-39-4 us$78 £65 978-1-938368-40-0ebook us$117 £98 the origins of japanese – chinese territorial dispute using historical records to study the diaoyu/senkaku islands issue by tadayoshi murata yokohama national university japan written by one of the foremost historians on sino – japanese relations tadayoshi murata professor emeritus from japan’s yokohama national university delves into the japanese archives and uncovers evidence that shows japan’s ownership of the disputed islands is historically untenable unlocking china’s secret of rapid industrialization by yi wen federal reserve bank of st louis usa tsinghua university china “the chinese economic miracle gives yi wen an opportunity to rethink the theory and politics of industrialization it is a task he takes on with evident relish the result is a book that’s great fun to read — provocative and substantive all at once like walt rostow fifty years ago yi wen reminds us that industrial revolutions occur as distinct stages not as big-push explosions of coordinated activity or as smooth balanced-growth buildups he identifies private enterprise and the government as two engines of growth during ‘proto-industrialization’ the colossally expensive first stage of development which sets up markets improves transportation networks and bolsters labor incomes until later stages kick in successful development in wen’s view cannot take place unless those two growth engines work in tandem.” costas azariadis mallinckrodt professor of economics washington university in st louis jul 2016 336pp 978-981-4733-72-4 us$142 £118 978-981-4733-73-1ebook us$213 £178 the china horizon glory and dream of a civilizational state by weiwei zhang fudan university china shanghai academy of social sciences 352pp aug 2016 978-981-4749-10-7 us$150 £125 978-981-4749-11-4ebook us$225 £187 “the china horizon is the clearest sharpest most muscular most internally consistent challenge to western assumptions about democracy and universal values controversial even in china zhang weiwei articulates a maximalist though nuanced view of china’s rise that demands attention from all who think they know china disagree with the china horizon argue with it but please do not ignore it.” robert lawrence kuhn author of how china’s leaders think the challenge of making cities liveable in east asia jul 2016 196pp us$55 £46 978-1-938134-72-2 978-1-938134-73-9pbk us$24 £20 978-1-938134-74-6ebook us$83 £69 given the current impasse surrounding the islands professor murata suggests as a way out the two sides jointly manage the disputed territories based on mutual understanding readership readers who are interested in the japanese – chinese territorial dispute on senkaku/diaoyu islands and sino – japan relations edited by liang fook lye john wong east asian institute nus singapore 22 the making of an economic superpower this book brings together a collection of articles that traces the process of urbanisation in selected countries in east asia including the achievements and challenges encountered it seeks to promote the sharing of best practices and experiences that can be a reference for governments and relevant stakeholders to facilitate the process of urbanisation that brings about the greatest benefits to residents and lessens the negative impact on the environment readership urban planners policy makers environmentalists and academicians interested in urban planning development and governance 160pp aug 2016 978-981-3109-73-5 us$96 £80 978-981-3109-74-2ebook us$144 £120 zhu rongji and china’s economic take-off by john wong east asian institute nus singapore “professor wong’s book on zhu rongji and his economic policies is well-informed clearly written and will be of great interest to scholars students and interested lay-readers and indeed to china-watchers one and all!” malcolm warner emeritus fellow and professor university of cambridge uk readership academics professionals policy makers undergraduate and graduate students interested in china’s economic development and problems 348pp nov 2016 978-1-78326-882-5 us$138 £115 978-1-78326-883-2ebook us$207 £172