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asian studies catalogue 2018 singapore perspectives bestseller china as a leader of the world economy by gregory c chow princeton university usa “this is a book by a senior western-trained economist who has been an insider to the extraordinary changes in china over the past 30 years and it is both authoritative and wellargued.” sunday morning post readership general readers academics professionals students interested in china’s economy 232pp oct 2011 978-981-4368-79-7 us$54 £45 978-981-4368-80-3pbk us$28 £23 978-981-4368-81-0ebook us$81 £67 singapore singapore at 50 what lies ahead edited by gillian koh institute of policy studies singapore this volume will be a useful complement to the book series “world scientific series on singapore’s 50 years of national building” as well as the book “singapore 2065” — both by world scientific publishing it pulls together in one volume some of the key areas that must be considered when readers think about the future of singapore the modern day miracle of economic and social development it is an important book in the policy studies space not for the specific content of the trends discussed but also for what the political leaders of singapore have said about the governance principles that should apply or should not apply in shaping the country in its journey beyond its 50th anniversary of independence jun 2018 200pp us$52 £43 978-981-3142-36-7 978-981-3142-37-4pbk us$32 £27 978-981-3142-38-1ebook us$78 £65 social futures of singapore society edited by david chan singapore management university 26 the book is organized into four parts part i provides an overview of issues involved in thinking about the social futures of singapore society part ii examines social futures from the perspectives of healthcare and education part iii analyses the relationships linking social futures to the notion of giving and the increasing influence of social media part iv addresses specific questions on social futures of singapore society in terms of social and national identities cultural values relationship between economic development and environmental sustainability religious consciousness perceptions of political leaders and relationships between people and government readership general public civil servants ngos students and academics interested in social issues behavioural and life style issues in singapore and those interested in social futures of singapore may 2018 180pp us$68 £56 978-981-3222-22-9 978-981-3222-23-6ebook us$102 £84 singapore perspectives 2017 what if edited by gillian koh debbie soon institute of policy studies singapore this volume comprises chapters written by thought leaders in singapore where they reexamine singapore’s key governing institutions systems principles and values as they consider the country’s next 50 years given the prospect of deep and possibly disruptive internal and external change how might singapore’s governance fundamentals respond which will we have to re-commit ourselves to and which might we have to adapt or even abandon the book comprises some quietly provocative thoughts that the informed public intellectuals and scholars interested in singapore as well as political development in small countries in an uncertain global age might find useful as they formulate their own positions about the future 200pp feb 2018 978-981-3224-74-2pbk us$48 £42 978-981-3224-75-9ebook us$72 £63 national service in singapore edited by shu huang ho graham ong-webb s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore national service ns is one of singapore’s foundational national defence policies first introduced by the british in 1954 amended in 1967 to provide a means to defend a fledgling independent nation and codified into its present form in 1970 ns is deeply woven into singapore’s political and social fabric the 50th anniversary of the enlistment of the first batch of full-time national servicemen nsmen is an opportune time to contemplate the past present and future of ns this volume brings together a range of perspectives on ns in singapore it covers three main areas the history of ns ns in practice and international perspectives comprising chapters by individuals with varied backgrounds national service in singapore hopes to offer a broad account of one of singapore’s fundamental public policies 400pp jan 2018 978-981-3149-21-2 us$78 £65 978-981-3203-03-7pbk us$38 £32 978-981-3149-22-9ebook us$117 £98 50 years of singapore’s productivity drive by kin chung woon ya lee loo th isbookprovidesanauthoritat iv e documentation of the key milestones and phases in singapore’s productivity movement stretching from 1967 to 2017 it documents the various activities that have taken place in the past 50 years ranging from the japansingapore productivity development project to the national productivity promotion campaigns and programmes to build competencies in enterprises and the workforce the book provides insights into the lessons learned and the context for the shifts in emphasis and changes in the productivity drive over the years as singapore progressed from a developing country to a developed country readership policy-makers employees in different enterprises academics and general public interested in singapore’s productivity movement 200pp jan 2018 978-981-3141-17-9 us$55 £46 978-981-3141-18-6ebook us$83 £69