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asian studies catalogue 2018 singapore my country biography of m bala subramanion by nilanjana sengupta “the work is a valuable addition to every bookshelf in a singaporean’s household.” p n balji veteran singapore journalist readership general readers students involved in southeast asian research readers interested in south indians in singapore readers interested in singapore’s history indian communities in singapore postal and philatelic organisations in singapore aug 2016 260pp us$56 £46 978-981-3141-28-5 978-981-3141-29-2pbk us$28 £23 978-981-3141-30-8ebook us$84 £70 managing diversity in singapore policies and prospects edited by entreprise 50singapore in leading entrepreneurs and how they succeed several entrepreneurs well recognised in their respective industries provide a unique perspective on their business journeys — the trials tribulations and best practices that have contributed to their climb to the top with several awards to their names these successful business owners proud members of the enterprise 50 e50 association share valuable insights and personal experiences about what success means to them readership general public for readers interested in the heart work ethics and pedagogy of singapore’s top smes and their founding entrepreneurs 308pp jun 2016 978-981-3140-56-1 us$48 £40 978-981-4759-93-9pbk us$24 £20 978-981-3140-71-4ebook us$72 £59 edited by mathew mathews wai fong chiang institute of policy studies singapore inspirations of a nation this book provides an updated account on the tensions posed by diversity in singapore and how this is being managed primarily by the state through policies and programmes but also by communities who attempt to negotiate these tensions such an enquiry is crucial especially at this juncture when the nation is finding ways to embrace the different forms of diversity brought about through external impetuses as well as manage internal reactions from the various communities the book chapters highlight important considerations if singapore’s diversity management strategies will hold promise for the future edited by abhijit nag readership academics researchers and students studying singapore society public policy and sociology general readers and professionals interested in diversity management 388pp jul 2016 us$124 £103 978-1-78326-953-2 978-1-78326-954-9ebook us$186 £155 dare to be different the albert hong story by albert hong rsp architects singapore 30 leading entrepreneurs and how they succeed in this book dr albert hong tells his own story today he is prominent in his field as chairman of rsp architects planners and engineers pte ltd his life began 80 years ago in a humble medical clinic in neil road singapore in the years between he has achieved success in business based on hard work and high aspirations albert hong and rsp have grown as singapore has grown overcoming many of the challenges associated with a young fast-developing nation this is a very human success story likely to inspire readers planning their careers it is sure to interest all those interested in the physical development of singapore and the contributions of architects planners financiers developers and other professionals 168pp jul 2016 978-981-3140-17-2 us$92 £76 978-981-3140-18-9ebook us$138 £115 tribute to 25 singaporean south asians this book pays tribute to 25 singaporean south asians who pioneered and excelled in their respective fields from 1950 to 2015 many of them laid foundations that triggered the transformation of the island including sportspeople whose records have stood the test of time they were a people of their time whose work many may not know but which we hope will inspire others this book is timely for those who want to get a snapshot appreciation of the contributions of singaporean south asians readership schools educational institutions libraries both local and overseas indian diaspora business professional groups government bodies community centres and indian activities groups 116pp may 2016 us$40 £33 978-981-3141-04-9 978-981-3141-05-6pbk us$20 £17 978-981-3141-06-3ebook us$60 £50 bestseller reflections the legacy of lee kuan yew edited by yang razali kassim mushahid ali s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore this book is a collection of essays reflecting on singapore’s first prime minister lee kuan yew’s immense contribution to nation-building and the idea of development this includes its various models — from government and statecraft as well as leadership and governance to economic development and the management of plural societies the papers are written by a range of authors who had worked closely with or for or grew up under lee kuan yew readership students in political science public policy leadership and governance and management of plural societies and general public 200pp feb 2016 978-981-4723-87-9 us$58 £48 978-981-4723-88-6pbk us$29 £24 978-981-4723-89-3ebook us$87 £72