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“ “ for more information visit world scientific an essential source of reference for china–india comparisons and studies the economies of china and india cooperation and conflict in 3 volumes volume 1 china and india the international context and economic growth manufacturing performance and rural development volume 2 competitiveness external cooperation strategy and income distribution changes in china volume 3 economic growth employment and inclusivity the international environment china and india the two largest developing countries are developing rapidly both inside themselves and towards global markets are these two economies dual or dueling this 3-volume set tries to answer this question by providing comprehensive analyses scoping varied economic issues editor-in-chief john whalley edited by manmohan agarwal centre for development studies india research and information systems for developing countries india jing wang university of western ontario canada john whalley university of western ontario canada centre for international governance innovation cigi canada national bureau of economic research nber usa 1050pp 978-981-3100-39-8 feb 2017 us$1100 £913 978-981-3100-40-4ebook us$1650 £1370 this volumes set covers both china’s and india’s strategies and objectives in international governance their bilateral and multilateral trade agreement negotiations financial liberalization growth prospects rural development and agriculture income distribution labor market mechanism manufacturing and competitiveness upgrading as well as environmental and other social issues the set collects papers most unpublished until now written by chinese and indian researchers who have rich experiences and strong backgrounds in policy analyses and are well connected to chinese and indian policy makers thus these papers contain valuable first-hand information about china’s and india’s development strategies this makes this volume set an essential source of reference for china–india comparisons and studies bestselling major reference works on asia 37