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asian studies catalogue 2018 asia-pacific and asean the divided city ideological and policy contestations in contemporary urban india by binti singh lucknow university india mahendra sethi national institute of urban affairs india empirically grounded to the contemporary urban situation in india the divided city is set in an opportune moment to assess how cities fare up to the challenge of inclusive urbanization it highlights how the urban pathway of contemporary india departs from the goal of inclusion in multiple ways — access to energy public services architecture land infrastructure commons and cultural and civic spaces it simultaneously interrogates both policy and theory with intermingling issues like informality privatization political economy and gender divide in the contemporary indian city the book argues for greater urban inclusion social economic and environmental acknowledged in principle in national and international urban policy frameworks readership researchers and students specializing in urban sociology urban geography urban planning policy and governance or those investigating the urban situation in the south asia and anyone who is interested in deeper understanding of the contemporary city from socioeconomic equity and inclusion perspective 200pp apr 2018 978-981-3226-97-5 us$88 £77 978-981-3226-98-2ebook us$132 £116 forging a sustainable future for asian cities case studies on urban regeneration edited by chye kiang heng lai choo malone-lee rita padawangi devisari tunas abdul rahim bin abdul hamid nus singapore there are many factors that can contribute to a ‘un-sustainable’ city high unemployment rates income inequality cultural shifts and changes due to immigration and migration along with physical deterioration as a result of a natural disaster or corruption and ill-advised foresight this volume collects and analyses as many instances of these negative factors and their positive solutions from the vast number of cities at various stages of urban life it contains case studies resulting from meticulous field work and analysis on the trends and concepts in urban regeneration and planning readership professionals researchers and practioners in urban planning industry advanced undergraduates and postgraduates 200pp may 2018 978-981-4713-34-4pbk us$102 £85 978-981-4713-35-1ebook us$153 £127 politics and governance in indian states bihar west bengal and tripura by subrata mitra harihar bhattacharyya nus singapore 4 understanding india’s politics and governance requires an examination of how politics and governance occur in the regional states which constitute the federal units of india this book addresses the issues of federalism powersharing and constitutional reforms and their effects on governance in indian states located within the growing literature on new state politics in india this volume presents a critical in-depth analysis of politics in bihar west bengal and tripura — these states being units of analysis for more general implications readership undergraduate and graduate students and lecturers/professors focusing on south asian politics governance in india and general policy studies 350pp apr 2018 978-981-3208-22-3 us$128 £106 978-981-3208-23-0ebook us$192 £159 insurgency and terrorism series the rohingya crisis by rohan gunaratna jolene jerard iftekharul bashar s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore the rohingya crisis aims to analyse communal violence in western myanmar and highlight its transnational security implications based on ethnographic research in the bangladesh – myanmar borderland the book analyses the complex often-contested narratives of the dynamics of communal violence and the role of various actors in this conflict the rohingya crisis argues that the communal violence in western myanmar has cascading security ramifications for south and southeast asia and cautions that continued violence in the rakhine state might lead to an escalation of transnational crime and militancy in the region readership students professionals in security studies and southeast asian studies general public 200pp apr 2018 978-1-78634-099-3 us$95 £79 978-1-78634-103-7ebook us$143 £119 world scientific series on ageing in asia ageing in asia contemporary trends and policy issues edited by kai hong phua mui teng yap lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore ageing in asia contains a selection of leading social systems and programs with interesting case-studies offering innovative and useful lessons the book covers ageing and related developments occurring in the most dynamic industrializing and urbanizing societies of emerging asia it includes topical issues such public policies and responses to current challenges from the growing needs of an ageing population due to rise of chronic non-communicable diseases amidst rapidly changing social cultural economic and political changes in the region readership it will be of great interest to policy-makers and practitioners from both the public and private sectors as well as scholars and students who are interested in ageing and development issues occurring in the leading ageing societies of asia 300pp may 2018 978-981-3225-54-1 us$118 £104 978-981-3225-55-8ebook us$177 £156 50 years of asean a security community by daniel wei boon chua eddie lim s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore the book 50 years of asean a security community curates key official documents from its foundation in 1967 to 2016 with an emphasis on asean as a political-security community this book puts together selected documents that trace the development of the association through periods of its formation the cold war in asia the post-cold war security environment its expansion and adaption to the shifting geopolitical dynamics through the documents and their accompanying commentaries 50 years of asean a security community aims to provide an important resource for researchers of asean and southeast asia readership university and graduate level students and professionals specialising in asean 350pp nov 2017 978-981-3221-13-0 us$118 £98 978-981-3221-14-7ebook us$177 £147