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asian studies catalogue 2018 asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2015 agricultural total factor productivity and competitiveness analysis for states and federal territories and five regions of india annual competitiveness update and evidence on the agricultural development models for selected indian states by khee giap tan sasidaran gopalan anuja tandon lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore in this book asia competitiveness institute aci’s competitiveness analysis employs 75 different indicators across four different environments to capture the dynamics of competitiveness in a holistic way at the sub-national level specifically the book discusses the relevance and importance of raising total factor productivity in the agriculture sector in india at the state level and also brings out the extent of intra-state and intra-regional disparities prevalent in the country 164pp jan 2017 978-981-3147-85-0 us$125 £104 978-981-3147-87-4ebook us$188 £156 asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2015 agricultural productivity decentralisation and competitiveness analysis for provinces and regions of indonesia by khee giap tan nurina merdikawati mulya amri kong yam tan lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore “this book enriches the available references of its kind that are needed by the business community to see the investment opportunities and challenges of all provinces in indonesia i believe that if the respective provincial government follows a number of policy recommendations as suggested by aci it will improve its competitiveness hence attract investors to put their money there ” sofjan wanandi chairman of advisory board of apindo employers’ association of indonesia and head of economic advisory team of the vice-president of the republic of indonesia 184pp jan 2017 978-981-3148-34-5 us$128 £106 978-981-3207-40-0ebook us$192 £159 in search of a people-centric order in asia by baogang he ntu singapore 8 “one of the many strengths of the book is that in imagining a new order for asia it keeps ethical concerns involving the idea of justice in mind.” professor terry nardin yale-nus college singapore this book provides a systematic descriptive explanatory and normative analysis of the clash of normative orders in asia and develops an analysis of asian responses to the challenge posed by a more diffuse people-centric order and the implications this may have for global justice it is a must read for students and researchers who are interested in the theoretical debates — especially asian voices — on normative issues in asia 388pp nov 2016 978-981-3109-76-6 us$115 £95 978-981-3109-77-3ebook us$173 £143 mapping state and non-state actors’responses to nuclear energy in southeast asia edited by nur azha putra energy studies institute singapore mely caballero-anthony ntu singapore this book aims to introduce and discuss the policy issues and challenges surrounding the development of nuclear power energy in southeast asia sea nuclear energy is poised for substantial growth in a region that is in need of more sustainable and clean energy source against the background of rising energy demand and an increasingly narrower power supply and demand gap however there are many safety and security risks associated with nuclear power especially so for a region that remains vulnerable to political risks and military conflicts this book will therefore discuss those policy issues and challenges and offers unique insights from the practitioners industry experts academics and policymakers on how the sea governments could mitigate those risks through good governance nov 2016 116pp us$78 £65 978-981-4723-19-0 978-981-4723-20-6ebook us$117 £98 asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2014 annual competitiveness ranking and simulation study for asean-10 and development strategies to enhance asia economic connectivity by khee giap tan sangiita wei cher yoong sasidaran gopalan le phuong anh nguyen lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore combining leading-edge research methodologies with an extensive database the asia competitiveness institute aci at lee kuan yew school of public policy national university of singapore has evaluated and tracked competitiveness for the ten asean members annually since 2000 in this second edition the competitiveness ranking and simulation study for the asean-10 economies are improved and updated with 121 indicators across four environments readership researchers and advance graduates studying asean developmental economics 408pp sep 2016 978-981-3108-58-5 us$165 £137 978-981-3109-71-1ebook us$248 £205 the village and its discontents meaning and criticism in late modernity edited by antonio l rappa sim university singapore the village and its discontents meaning and criticism in late modernity is a hopeful collection of essays about villages in southeast asia and across the world the “village” is an idea a construct and a way of organising society the contributors hope to generate interest in studying villages to understand the meanings that attach themselves to the concept of the village and to gain greater insights into multidisciplinary knowledge and analyses in today’s highly developed global society readership undergraduate and graduate students in political science sociology cultural studies 208pp sep 2016 978-981-3140-06-6 us$98 £81 978-981-3140-07-3ebook us$147 £121