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Catalog Bestsellers in Algebra & Related Topics - August 2017

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bestsellers in algebra related topics a walk through combinatorics 4th edition linear algebra pure applied an introduction to enumeration and graph theory by edgar g goodaire memorial university canada zentralblatt math “goodaire’s book gives a proper balance to logic and computation this book is worth considering if you feel the need to change books for your course.” mathematical association of america nov 2013 us$125 us$72 by richard a dunlap dalhousie university canada by miklós bóna university of florida usa “the style of writing is unhurried and careful this book could be useful as a textbook or for selfstudy particularly for mathematics students in the middle echelon it is clear and well-written with a reader-friendly style.” 732pp 978-981-4508-36-0 978-981-4508-37-7pbk the golden ratio and fibonacci numbers “this is still one of the best introductions to combinatorics.” mathematical association of america “this book

bestsellers in algebra related topics galois’ theory of algebraic equations 2nd edition the geometry of the octonions by tevian dray corinne a manogue oregon state university usa by jean-pierre tignol université catholique de louvain belgium “this new edition of j p tignol’s classic is a worthy contribution to the celebration of the bicentennial of evariste galois’ birth and it represents now as before an excellent analysis of the history culture and development of the theory of algebraic equations within classical algebra the utmost lucid and detailed exposition is perfectly suited for upper-undergraduate and graduate students and an invaluable source for teachers and historians of mathematics likewise together with the wealth of instructive exercises this treatise makes a great textbook just as well be it for course design or for self-study respectively.” this book provides an elementary introduction to the properties of the octonions with

bestsellers in algebra related topics bombay lectures on highest weight representations of infinite dimensional lie algebras 2nd edition lectures on lie groups 2nd edition by wu-yi hsiang uc berkeley hong kong university of science and technology this book provides a concise introduction as well as a comprehensive “tour of revisiting” the remarkable achievements of s lie w killing É cartan and h weyl on structural and classification theory of semi-simple lie groups lie algebras and their representations and also the wonderful duet of cartan’s theory on lie groups and symmetric spaces with the benefit of retrospective hindsight we develop the theory via a route quite different from original methods engaged by most other books readership advanced undergraduate and graduate students researchers 160pp 978-981-4740-70-8 978-981-4740-71-5pbk jun 2017 us$68 us$38 by victor g kac mit ashok k raina tata institute of fundamental research india natasha rozhkovskaya

bestsellers in algebra related topics number treasury3 3rd edition investigations facts and conjectures about more than 100 number families abstract algebra 2nd edition introduction to groups rings and fields with applications by clive reis stuart a rankin university of western ontario canada by margaret j kenney stanley j bezuszka boston college usa 324pp 978-981-4603-68-3 978-981-4603-69-0pbk 576pp 978-981-4730-53-2 978-981-4730-54-9pbk aug 2015 us$75 £62 us$38 £32 matrix algebra and its applications to statistics and econometrics by c radhakrishna rao pennsylvania state university usa m bhaskara rao north dakota state university usa 556pp 978-981-02-3268-9 jul 1998 us$122 £123 £56 problems and solutions for groups lie groups lie algebras with applications by willi-hans steeb igor tanski yorick hardy university of johannesburg south africa 352pp 978-981-4383-90-5 £101 oct 2016 us$148 us$68 apr 2012 us$68 £56 matrix calculus and kronecker product 2nd edition