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Catalog Bestsellers in Mathematical Physics - August 2017

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world scientific connecting great minds bestsellers in mathematical physics related topics lagrangian and hamiltonian mechanics feynman motives elementary fluid mechanics “i like the book because of the clear precision with which it expresses the results it eventually arrives at the straightforward ways in which it illustrates the use of these results and the sets of nontrivial end-chapter exercises that provide a rich opportunity to verity one’s own grasp of the methods to which one is introduced in the text.” “this book can serve as an excellent guide for graduate students and researchers to this new area in particular to the reasons of enigmatic reappearance of euler’s multiple zeta values as basic feynman periods.” “the author is to be commended for introducing a chapter on the gauge theory of fluid mechanics which is quite scarce in fluid mechanics books the book can serve as an excellent introduction for graduate students in applied

gauge fields knots and gravity topics in contemporary mathematical physics 2nd edition “this book is a great introduction to many of the modern ideas of mathematical physics including differential geometry group theory knot theory and topology it uses as ‘ physical excuses’ to introduce these topics maxwell theory yang-mills theories and general relativity the level of the book is gauged to advanced physics/math undergraduates and graduate students the style of the book is quite lively and explanations are very clear the treatment is mathematically and physically self-contained i would strongly recommend this nicely written book for anyone interested in teaching the contemporary ideas of mathematical physics to an audience of physicists it offers an excellent way of treating the subject with mathematical rigor while keeping the physical motivation and usefulness of these mathematical concepts close at hand for the individual reader it is a great way to be lured

differential geometry for physicists and mathematicians moving frames and differential forms from euclid past riemann by josé g vargas pst associates llc usa this is a book that the author wishes had been available to him when he was student it reflects his interest in knowing like expert mathematicians the most relevant mathematics for theoretical physics but in the style of physicists this means that one is not facing the study of a collection of definitions remarks theorems corollaries lemmas etc but a narrative — almost like a story being told — that does not impede sophistication and deep results it covers differential geometry far beyond what general relativists perceive they need to know and it introduces readers to other areas of mathematics that are of interest to physicists and mathematicians but are largely overlooked among these is clifford algebra and its uses in conjunction with differential forms and moving frames it opens new research vistas that

more bestsellers a one-dimensional introduction to continuum mechanics by a j roberts univ southern queensland 172pp 978-981-02-1913-0 oct 1994 us$43 £36 homogenization methods for multiscale mechanics by chiang c mei massachusetts institute of technology usa bogdan vernescu worcester polytechnic institute usa 348pp 978-981-4282-44-4 problems and solutions in scientific computing with c and java simulations by willi-hans steeb yorick hardy alexandre hardy rand afrikaans university south africa ruedi stoop institute for neuroinformatics switzerland 432pp nov 2004 978-981-256-112-1 us$95 £79 978-981-256-125-1pbk us$51 £42 sep 2010 us$72 £60 analytical mechanics reprint edition a comprehensive treatise on the dynamics of constrained systems by john g papastavridis georgia institute of technology usa 1416pp 978-981-4338-71-4 may 2014 us$298 £247 supermanifolds theory and applications by alice rogers king s college london theta functions and knots by răzvan gelca