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Catalog Bestsellers in Probability & Statistics - July 2017

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bestsellers in probability statistics new edition of bestseller simulating copulas 2nd edition stochastic models sampling algorithms and applications by jan-frederik mai xaia investment ag germany matthias scherer technische universität münchen germany “the book is essentially self-contained as the reader interested in copulas from the simulation point of view will find all necessary material in it including an introduction to copulas if he has never been exposed to them both the theoretical and practical frameworks emerge quite clearly from the book in any case the rich bibliography contains all the references required for further in-depth analyses of specific issues i think that the authors did a very good job filling a gap in the statistical literature and providing a contribution that is going to be particularly helpful to statisticians without a specific background in copulas.” mathematical reviews readership advanced undergraduate and graduate students

introduction to stochastic calculus with applications 3rd edition by fima c klebaner monash university australia the emphasis of the book is on methods and applications by sacrificing some foundational issues the book achieves advanced topics much quicker than a strictly rigorous conventional text it brings the techniques of stochastic calculus to wider audiences without deep knowledge of analysis and probability it is hard to find books on stochastic analysis which present such a wide spectrum of results with relatively modest prerequisites the book covers many important models in finance biology and engineering readership academics mathematicians advanced undergraduates graduates practitioners in finance risk managers and electrical engineers 452pp mar 2012 978-1-84816-831-2 us$98 £81 978-1-84816-832-9pbk us$58 £48 advanced series on statistical science and applied probability vol 6 elementary stochastic calculus with finance in view by thomas mikosch university of groningen

advanced series on statistical science and applied probability vol 14 ruin probabilities 2nd edition by søren asmussen aarhus university denmark hansjörg albrecher university of lausanne switzerland “the book presents an excellent overview of different kinds of mathematical models of risk processes mathematical tools to treat them and the calculation of the corresponding ruin probabilities it is a mathematical book all presented results are proven sufficiently detailed motivations at the beginning of the chapters make it easier to understand the relevance of e.g the model assumptions detailed notes and references at the end of the sections get the reader a wide look out to the relevant literature a great number of examples illustrate the theoretical results the book is a milestone in the landscape of applied probability theory and can be recommended to all persons interested in applied mathematics.” zentralblatt math 620pp nov 2010 978-981-4282-52-9 us$155 £136

more bestsellers in probability statistics essentials of stochastic finance facts models theory by albert n shiryaev steklov mathematical institute moscow state university an introduction to stein’s method by a d barbour university of zürich switzerland louis h y chen national university of singapore 852pp jan 1999 978-981-02-3605-2 us$99 £82 240pp apr 2005 978-981-256-280-7 us$114 £95 978-981-256-330-9pbk us$58 £48 discover probability information theory and the central limit theorem how to use it how to avoid misusing it and how it affects every aspect of your life by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel 340pp dec 2014 978-981-4616-31-7 us$78 £65 978-981-4616-32-4pbk us$28 £23 by oliver johnson university of cambridge uk 224pp jul 2004 978-1-86094-473-4 us$120 £100 correlation and dependence by dominique drouet mari universitéde bretagne sud france samuel kotz george washington university usa random walk in random and non-random