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chemistry bestselling titles 2017 essential textbooks in chemistry problems of instrumental analytical chemistry a hands-on guide by jm andrade-garda a carlosena-zubieta mp gó mez-carracedo ma maestro-saavedra mc prieto-blanco rm soto-ferreiro university of a coruña spain the complex field of analytical chemistry requires knowledge and application of the fundamental principles of numerical calculation this book provides support and guidance to help students develop these numerical strategies to generate information from experimental results in an efficient and reliable way exercises are provided to give standard protocols to follow which address the most common calculations needed in the daily work of a laboratory also included are easy to follow diagrams to facilitate understanding and avoid common errors making it perfect as a hands-on accompaniment to in-class learning readership undergraduates in chemistry analytic chemistry and related subjects scientists looking to brush

chemistry bestselling titles 2017 4d electron microscopy snow ice and other wonders of water imaging in space and time by ahmed h zewail caltech john m thomas cambridge a tribute to the hydrogen bond by ivar olovsson university of uppsala sweden “the book is pleasant to read and should be appreciated by readers wondering about many aspects of snow and ice phenomena in summary disclosure and short scientific explanations are interpenetrated in this book which walks at the interphase between snow ice and water and focuses on their observations aiming to be a broad scientific overview of water and its solid phases.” acta crystallographica b 124pp feb 2016 978-981-4749-35-0 us$38 £32 978-981-4749-36-7pbk us$19 £16 “combining the authors’expertise in femtochemistry catalysis and electron microscopy has resulted in a book that conveys the excitement and potential for this new paradigm in electron imaging there is no doubt that the development of the 4d

bestselling evergreen textbooks sonochemistry new opportunities for green chemistry by gregory chatel universitésavoie mont blanc france crystal engineering a textbook by gautam r desiraju indian institute of science jagadese j vittal national university of singapore arunachalam ramanan indian institute of technology delhi this textbook first introduces the basics of ultrasonic waves and the history of sonochemistry before moving on to look at acoustic cavitation and the estimation of ultrasonic parameters after this comes a discussion of the equipment needed for experimentation with sonochemistry finally there is an in-depth look at green sonochemistry in different fields of research covering concepts such as new combinations of ultrasound with ionic liquids microwave irradiation enzyme combination and sonoassisted electrochemistry in conclusion distinguished sonochemists from around the world share their opinions on the green sonochemistry and their predictions in the field

top-selling general chemistry titles information entropy life and the universe laboratory scientific glassblowing a practical training method by paul le pinnet sog ltd uk “the author is to be congratulated for not only writing such a book but also for taking the bold and brave step to record his fifty years’ experience in the way he has it is i believe a very courageous attempt of ‘capturing’ our skills for permanent preservation i wholeheartedly recommend this book to those who are currently training others i also think all scientific glassblowers will benefit from reading the book by virtue that a lot of time we call ourselves ‘self-taught’.” british society of scientific glassblowers bssg journal what we know and what we do not know by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel “with all its profoundness the book is very understandable and easy to read and should be accessible to a wide audience with a general