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chemistry new titles 2018 catalysis in chemistry and biology proceedings of the 24th international solvay conference on chemistry reminiscences of ahmed h zewail photons electrons and what else edited by kurt wüthrich the scripps research institute usa eth zürich switzerland robert h grubbs caltech thierry visart de bocarméuniversitélibre de bruxelles belgium anne de wit universitélibre de bruxelles belgium edited by abderrazzak douhal universidad de castilla la mancha spain john spencer baskin caltech dongping zhong the ohio state university usa the proceedings of the 24th international solvay conference on chemistry comprise contributed short personal statements and transcripts of in-depth discussions on “catalysis in chemistry and biology” from a by-invitationonly select group of 48 eminent scientists including four nobel laureates from all parts of the world the combination of the six sessions provides an impressive overview giving innovative

new chemistry titles 2018 analytical chemistry software-assisted method development in high performance liquid chromatography recent developments in plasmonsupported raman spectroscopy 45 years of enhanced raman signals edited by katrin kneipp yukihiro ozaki kwansei gakuin university japan zhong-qun tian xiamen university china edited by szabolcs fekete university of geneva switzerland imre molnar molnár institute for applied chromatography germany this handbook gives a general overview of the possibilities in recent developments in chromatographic retention modeling as a result of the latest developments in modeling software several new features are now accessible opening a new level in hplc method development many of these current possibilities in software assisted liquid chromatographic method modeling for analytical purposes are presented several modes of chromatography including reversed-phase liquid chromatography rplc ion exchange chromatography iex hydrophobic

new chemistry titles 2018 biochemistry engineering microbial metabolism for chemical synthesis frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 9 edited by yajun yan the university of georgia usa bioimplants regenerative medicine and nano-cancer diagnosis and phototherapy a 3-volume set volume 1 synthesis and biomedical applications of graphene quantum dots volume 2 advanced nanomaterials for bioimaging and cancer therapy volume 3 design of bioactive materials for bone repair and regeneration reviews and perspectives this book provides expert reviews and perspectives on how to engineer microbial metabolism for chemical synthesis major metabolic pathways or networks in microbial systems including glycolysis citric acid and photosynthesis are briefly summarized following this the metabolic engineering efforts of extending these pathways and networks for the biosynthesis of various chemicals are reviewed with the emphasis on the biochemical reactions and engineering strategies the potential of

new chemistry titles 2018 the selected papers of sir john meurig thomas catalyst chemistry by john meurig thomas cambridge catalytic science series vol 17 edited by kenneth d m harris cardiff university uk hydroprocessing catalysts and processes the challenges for biofuels production edited by bo zhang wuhan institute of technology china duncan seddon duncan seddon associates pty ltd australia this book offers an intriguing insight into the mechanisms and protocols involved in new hydroprocessing catalysts and processes and covers the methods for upgrading these liquids to modern transport vehicles suitable for operation in modern gasoline and diesel engines it provides an introduction to the mechanism of hydroprocessing reactions application of different metals in hydroprocessing the effect of catalyst supports applications in refining new feedstock renewable fuels standards the management of spent hydroprocessing catalysts and hydrogen production 316pp 978-1-78634-483-0 jun 2018

new chemistry titles 2018 electrochemistry functional electrodes for enzymatic and microbial electrochemical systems ceramic electrolytes for all-solid-state li batteries by masashi kotobuki nus singapore shufeng song chongqing university china chao chen nus singapore li lu nus singapore edited by nicolas brun cnrs france victoria flexer conicet argentina • provides a comprehensive description of ionic conduction mechanism in ceramics • describes structures li ion conduction paths and other properties of various kinds of ceramic electrolytes in detail • reviews recent progress of all-solid-state battery including li-s and li-air batteries readership graduate students young researchers and research engineers studying ceramic electrolytes 220pp 978-981-3233-88-1 sep 2018 us$88 £77 new edition of classic textbook understanding voltammetry electro-catalysis at chemically modified solid surfaces by richard g compton oxford craig e banks manchester metropolitan

new chemistry titles 2018 materials chemistry nanochemistry series on chemistry energy and the environment vol 2 elaboration and applications of metal-organic frameworks by raimo alén university of jyväskylä finland this book opens with a look at a deeply controversial issue mof stability which has plagued many systems but ultimately has led to better materials that proved to be more robust allowing them to be investigated for multiple applications this book successfully highlights many of these useful applications that mofs are well adapted for readership professors graduate and undergraduate students in engineering chemistry and material sciences discipline high school stem programs scientific libraries material manufacturers oil companies refineries environmental agencies battery companies energy industries and advanced sensor companies synthesis self-assembly and applications edited by zhiqun lin georgia institute of technology usa bo li university of illinois at

new chemistry titles 2018 photochemistry cryptands and cryptates by luigi fabbrizzi universitàdi pavia italy chiral photochemical scissors targetting proteins cryptands were introduced by jean-marie lehn in 1969 as cage-shaped selective ligands for alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions which lie at the heart of supramolecular chemistry • design of chiral protein scissors to photocleave proteins with specificity or high selectivity • mechanistic details of how the photoexcited organic molecules can damage protein structure and ultimately cleave the protein backbone • the authors are world leaders in the area of protein photocleavage with small organic molecules and they are the pioneers of this field this book has been written as a coursebook structured as a series of lectures for graduate students or advanced researchers in chemistry materials science chemical biology and nanotechnology it is fully illustrated to show experiments and results and is intended to

new chemistry titles 2018 physical chemistry iisc lecture notes series essential textbooks in chemistry ultrafast optics and spectroscopy in physical chemistry atmospheric chemistry from the surface to the stratosphere by grant ritchie oxford by atanu bhattacharya indian institute of science bangalore india • this book is an introduction to ultrafast optics and spectroscopy for use with any introductory college/university course in optics spectroscopy or experimental physical chemistry or chemical physics of the kind usually taken by undergraduate and graduate students in physical chemistry • the audience for this book are also physical chemistry or chemical physics students who have never heard of the subject but would like to work on ultrafast optics and spectroscopy in a phd program with an academic background of chemistry 292pp 978-981-3223-67-7 feb 2018 us$118 £104 k oo xtb te wonders of water “this book is one of those that is likely to be a useful addition