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condensed matter physics new notable titles 2018 bestselling textbook collective classical and quantum fields in plasmas superconductors superfluid 3he and liquid crystals by hagen kleinert freie universität berlin germany this is an introductory book dealing with collective phenomena in many-body systems a gas of bosons or fermions can show oscillations of various types of density these are described by different combinations of field variables especially delicate is the competition of these variables in superfluid 3he for example the atoms can be attracted to each other by molecular forces whereas they are repelled from each other at short distance due to a hardcore repulsion the attraction gives rise to cooper pairs and the repulsion is overcome by paramagnon oscillations the combination is what finally led to the discovery of superfluidity in 3he in general the competition between various channels can most efficiently be studied by means of a classical version of the

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 more new titles the thz dynamics of liquids probed by inelastic x-ray scattering by alessandro cunsolo brookhaven national laboratory usa the book provides an exhaustive account of all available investigations of the high frequency dynamics of liquids performed by inelastic x-ray scattering ixs it covers a period ranging from the first development of this technique at the end of the past millennium to the present a first chapter provides an historical overview of experimental probes available across the years before the actual development of ixs the following chapter introduces the theoretical foundations of ixs describes existing ixs spectrometers and discusses their complementarity with other probes the next chapter provides an overview of various theoretical frameworks necessary to interpret ixs experiments such as memory function approaches mode-coupling theories etc the successive chapters review the various

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 fractional dynamics in comb-like structures peking university-world scientific advanced physics series superconductivity centennial edited by rushan han peking university china this book covers the important contributions of the chinese during the development of high-temperature superconductors hts the study of y-based hts which was the first to be reported internationally at a liquid nitrogen temperature above 90 k has retained the world record for superconducting transition temperatures the book covers the study of superconducting energy gap microscopic electron non-uniformity arpes research “kinks” research ehigh-tc in order to provide a comprehensive introduction to the physical properties of condensed matter this book also includes studies on the thermodynamic properties of high-temperature superconductors lowtemperature heat transport and raman spectroscopy in addition this book includes

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 physics of heavy fermions heavy fermions and strongly correlated electrons systems by yoshichika Ōnuki university of the ryukyus japan ○ ○ readers can understand the present frontiers of solid state and condensed matter physics on the basis of fundamental ideas and formulae described in various related methods of measurement this paves the way for readers to participate in research concerning single crystal growth and characteristic properties in rare earth and actinide compounds readership:  graduate students and researchers interested and/or involved in single crystal growth heavy fermions superconductivity and related experimental methods.  336pp 978-981-3232-19-8 jun 2018 us$128 £113 peking university-world scientific advanced physics series vol 3 peking university-world scientific advanced physics series vol 2 geometric methods in elastic theory of membranes in liquid crystal phases

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 world scientific series in contemporary chemical physics vol 28 series on the foundations of natural science and technology vol 8 with applications to stochastic problems in physics chemistry and electrical engineering 4th edition by kamakhya prasad ghatak university of engineering and management india quantum effects heavy doping and the effective mass the langevin equation by william t coffey trinity college dublin ireland yuri p kalmykov universitéde perpignan via domitia france ○ “this enlarged and updated second edition of the book the langevin equation presents an extremely useful source for the practitioners of stochastic processes and its applications to physics chemistry engineering and biological physics both for the experts and the beginners it gives a valuable survey of solvable paradigms that rule many diverse stochastic phenomena as such it belongs onto the desk of all engaged in

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 bestselling classic textbooks the physics of solar cells jenny nelson imperial college uk 9781860943409 9781860943492pbk theory of magnetism made simple the an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods daniel c mattis university of utah usa 9789812385796 9789812386717pbk quantum hall effects field theoretical approach and related topics 2nd edition zyun francis ezawa tohoku university japan 9789812700322 elementary electronic structure revised edition walter a harrison stanford university usa 9789812387073 9789812387080pbk introduction to condensed matter physics volume 1 feng duan nanjing university china jin guojun nanjing university china 9789812387110 9789812560704pbk neutron scattering in condensed matter physics albert furrer et al eth zurich psi villigen switzerland 9789810248307 9789810248314pbk quantum theory of the optical and electronic properties of semiconductors

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 titles of interest applied thermal measurements at the nanoscale a beginner’s guide to electrothermal methods zhen chen southeast university china chris dames university of california berkeley usa 9789813271104 electromagnetic analysis using transmission line variables third edition maurice weiner united silicon carbide new jersey usa 9789813225022 9789813225039pbk half-century of physical asymptotics and other diversions a selected works by michael berry michael berry university of bristol uk 9789813221192 9789813221208pbk optoelectronic devices niloy k dutta university of connecticut usa xiang zhang university of connecticut usa 9789813236691 quantum states and scattering in semiconductor nanostructures camille ndebeka-bandou et al eth zurich switzerland 9781786343017 9781786343024pbk quantum world of ultra-cold atoms and light the book iii ultra-cold atoms crispin gardiner university of otago new

condensed matter physics statistical physics new notable titles 2018 new titles in general physics entropy and sustainable growth physics and culture 148pp 978-981-3237-76-6 556pp 978-1-78634-376-5 by brian cotterell university of sydney australia by guy deutscher tel aviv university israel may 2018 us$48 £42 oct 2017 us$168 £148 the pull of history from micro to macro by vlatko vedral oxford nus singapore human understanding of magnetism and gravity through the ages 192pp apr 2018 978-981-3229-51-8 us$58 £51 978-981-3231-40-5pbk us$28 £25 980pp 978-981-3223-76-9 adventures of a wandering physicist by yoshitaka yamamoto sundai preparatory school japan feb 2018 us$198 £174 newton — innovation and controversy the wonders of physics fourth edition 324pp 978-1-78634-401-4 400pp 978-981-3273-16-0 by peter rowlands university of liverpool uk jun 2018 us$115 £101 international journal of modern physics b https modern physics letters b