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condensed matter physics textbooks an introduction to graphene plasmonics collective classical and quantum fields in plasmas superconductors superfluid he and liquid crystals 3 by hagen kleinert freie universität berlin germany this is an introductory book dealing with collective phenomena in manybody systems a gas of bosons or fermions can show oscillations of various types of density these are described by different combinations of field variables especially delicate is the competition of these variables in superfluid 3he for example the atoms can be attracted to each other by molecular forces whereas they are repelled from each other at short distance due to a hardcore repulsion the attraction gives rise to cooper pairs and the repulsion is overcome by paramagnon oscillations the combination is what finally led to the discovery of superfluidity in 3he in general the competition between various channels can most efficiently be studied by means of a classical version of the

condensed matter physics textbooks transport in multilayered nanostructures the dynamical mean-field theory approach 2nd edition by james k freericks georgetown university usa “with his focus on a unique method which is so powerful as to treat electronic systems in the intricate limit of strong correlations he manages to enter all the beautiful physics of multilayered nanostructures with a single methodological tool this strategy pays off the text is stimulating at all stages and the book has become a reference work already with the first version.” professor dr thilo kopp university of augsburg 430pp 978-1-78326-857-3 may 2016 us$118 £98 many-body physics topology and geometry by siddhartha sen trinity college dublin ireland kumar sankar gupta saha institute of nuclear physics india the book explains concepts and ideas of mathematics and physics that are relevant for advanced students and researchers of condensed matter physics with this aim a brief intuitive

condensed matter physics textbooks quantum hall effects glassy materials and disordered solids recent theoretical and experimental developments an introduction to their statistical mechanics 3rd edition revised edition by zyun francis ezawa tohoku university riken japan in this 3rd edition all chapters are carefully reexamined and updated a highlight is the new chapter on topological insulators indeed the concept of topological insulator stems from the qhe other new topics are recent prominent experimental discoveries in the qhe provided by the experimentalists themselves in part v this new edition presents an instructive and comprehensive overview of the qhe it is also suitable for an introduction to quantum field theory with vividly described applications only knowledge of quantum mechanics is assumed this book is ideal for students and researchers in condensed matter physics particle physics theoretical physics and mathematical physics 928pp may 2013 978-981-4360-75-3 us$138

condensed matter physics textbooks quantum theory of the optical and electronic properties of semiconductors 5th edition by hartmut haug goethe-universität frankfurt germany stephan w koch philipps-universität marburg germany 484pp apr 2009 978-981-283-883-4 us$96 £80 978-981-283-884-1pbk us$54 £45 by walter a harrison stanford university usa 860pp apr 2004 978-981-238-707-3 us$108 £90 978-981-238-708-0pbk us$43 £36 introduction to phonons and electrons boulevard of broken symmetries by liang-fu lou northrop grumman corporation usa effective field theories of condensed matter by adriaan m j schakel freie universität berlin germany 412pp 978-981-281-390-9 elementary electronic structure revised edition oct 2008 us$89 £74 the quantum theory of magnetism 2nd edition by norberto majlis mcgill university canada 236pp aug 2003 978-981-238-439-3 us$102 £85 978-981-238-461-4pbk us$53 £44 world scientific lecture notes in physics vol 58 concepts in solids