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earth energy environmental science 2018 energy in the 21st century 4th edition perspectives for geothermal energy in europe by john r fanchi texas christian university usa christopher j fanchi fanchi enterprises usa edited by ruggero bertani enel green power italy energy in the 21st century is a valuable source of information for students decision makers opinion leaders and the general public oil and natural gas price volatility continue to affect both the supply and demand for energy advances in other technologies such as nuclear wind solar and tidal technology are altering the comparative economics of competing energy sources new government policies are changing the landscape of the global energy marketplace key features • easy to read and understand by the general student population • it provides a balanced presentation of the relative merits of the most significant energy options • classroom tested and incorporates modern learning techniques readership students

energy studies world scientific series in current energy issues vol 1 fossil fuels current status and future directions edited by gerard m crawley marcus enterprise llc usa university of south carolina usa key features • this is a comprehensive examination of the all fossil fuels including future resource development and the environmental hazards associated with their extraction and use • the expertise of the authors of the various chapters ensures that the information is reliable • the information presented is current and forward looking because the authors are actively involved in the technologies discussed in the various chapters readership scientists engineers policy makers graduate students and researchers on the field of energy studies 372pp jul 2016 978-981-4699-97-6 us$144 £120 978-981-4699-98-3ebook us$216 £179 climate change and the energy problem 2nd edition physical science and economics perspective by david goodstein caltech michael intriligator

journals promotion for a free institutional trial or subscribe to these journals please contact us at journal of earthquake and tsunami jet http managing editors fook hou lee national university of singapore singapore hori muneo university of tokyo japan aims and scope journal of earthquake and tsunami provides a common forum for scientists and engineers working in the areas of earthquakes and tsunamis to communicate and interact with one another and thereby enhance the opportunities for such crossfertilization of ideas the journal publishes original papers pertaining to state-of-the-art research and development in geological and seismological setting ground motion site and building response tsunami generation propagation damage and mitigation as well as education and risk management following an earthquake or a tsunami check out the free articles online abstracting/indexing academic onefile baidu cnki cnplinker ebsco discovery service

environmental engineering management climatology world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate vol 9 co2 sequestration by ex-situ mineral carbonation the global monsoon system 3rd edition edited by aimaro sanna heriot-watt university uk m mercedes maroto-valer heriot-watt university uk research and forecast this book brings together some of the world’s leading experts in the field of sequestration to provide a critical assessment of progress to date chapters cover the resources available for mc and also give a critical analysis of the technologies developed for sequestering carbon from industrial and power plants including the use of the resultant carbonated product the studies conclude with evaluation of key technical and economic obstacles which need to be addressed for future research development and application co2 sequestration by ex-situ mineral carbonation is essential reading for engineers chemists and materials scientists in graduate or research

highlights in climate change 2017 climatology materials and energy carbon dioxide capture and storage current status and future prospects by shinichi nakao research institute of innovative technology for the earth rite japan ziqiu xue research institute of nnovative technology for the earth rite japan contents post-combustion capture precombustion capture absorption adsorption membrane saline aquifer storage co2 monitoring tools trapping mechanisms well logging cross-well seismic tomography tough2 simulation environmental impact co2 leakage public acceptance 350pp apr 2018 978-981-4612-64-7 us$138 £115 978-981-4612-65-4ebook us$207 £172 series on the science of climate change vol 2 moist processes in the climate system a global perspective from earth observations edited by graeme l stephens colorado state university usa contents energy and water budgets of earth an overview stephens l’ecuyer remote sensing of moist processes general principles hogan stephens

new notable titles in developmental economics and globalization journal promotion subscribe now for an institutional trial to these journals please email check out the check out the check out the free articles online free articles online free articles online coastal engineering journal cej climate change economics cce water economics and policy wep http editor-in-chief yasunori watanabe hokkaido university japan editor-in-chief robert mendelsohn yale university usa editor-in-chief ariel dinar university of california riverside ca usa associate editor-in-chief shunichi koshimura tohoku university japan aims scope aims scope climate change economics cce publishes theoretical and empirical papers devoted to analyses of mitigation adaptation impacts and other issues related to the policy and management of greenhouse gases cce is specifically devoted to papers in economics although it is