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Featured catalog pages of Engineering Collections engineering collections at world scientific we offer flexible purchasing models to help meet our customers needs you can purchase our engineering books in a subject collection or if you prefer use our pick and choose option our engineering collection is just one part of our full e-books list – a list which now stands at over 5,000 titles y us toda tcatnoce trial erfar fo purchase options collection count list price us discounted price us 2016 40 10,787 contact us for a quote 2017 44 12,000 contact us for a quote pick and choose discount us$2,000 – us$10,000 10 discount >us$10,000 15 discount why buy our engineering collection content written by renowned experts in the various engineering sub-fields a great resource of monographs review papers rs and conference proceedings a wide range of topics covering all aspects off the engineering ambit generous discounts when buying a collection indexed in ebsco discovery services worldcat/oclc cnki what people are saying about our books encyclopedia of thermal packaging set 1 thermal packaging techniques a 6–volume set edited by avram bar-cohen university of maryland usa “the encyclopedia meets head-on the challenges engineers and researchers face in this era of information abundance by its breadth of coverage the encyclopedia provides a bird’s eye view of the techniques and approaches used over the entire field of electronics thermal management by its depth of coverage each volume provides the reader with a comprehensive guide to a specific subject area this is undoubtedly a milestone publication that will serve the industry and the research community for many years to come.” dr wataru nakayama research consultant thermtech international flow visualization techniques and examples second edition edited by a j smits princeton university t t lim national university of singapore “the book combines a broad overview with a deep