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world scientific series in 21st century mathematics fields medallists’ lectures 3rd edition edited by sir michael atiyah university of edinburgh uk daniel iagolnitzer cea-saclay france chitat chong nus singapore although the fields medal does not have thee same public recognition as the nobel prizes they share a similar intellectual standing it is restricted to one field — that of mathematics s s the medal is awarded to the best mathematicians who i i h are 40 or younger every four years a list of fields medallists and their contributions provides a bird’seye view of the major developments in mathematics over the past 80 years it highlights the areas in which at various times the greatest progress has been made 1100pp 978-981-4696-17-3 978-981-4696-18-0pbk oct 2015 us$96 £63 us$58 £38 this third edition adds 14 collection lectures or articles of the following fields medallists john w milnor michael atiyah paul cohen alexander grothendieck stephen smale

latest addition to the collection 1962 j w milnor the work of john w milnor by h whitney topological manifolds and smooth manifolds 1994 j c yoccoz presentation of jean-christophe yoccoz by a douady recent developments in dynamics 1966 p cohen the continuum problem by a church 2006 a okounkov the work of andrei okounkov by g felder 1966 m f atiyah the work of michael f atiyah by h cartan 2006 terence tao the work of terence tao by c fefferman the dichotomy between structure and randomness arithmetic progressions and the primes 1966 a grothendieck the works of alexander grothendieck by jean dieudonné 1966 s smale on the works of stephen smale by r thom a survey of some recent developments in differential topology 1974 e bombieri the work of enrico bombieri by k chandrasekharan variational problems and elliptic equations 1986 g faltings on some of the mathematical contributions of gerd faltings by b mazur neuere entwicklungen in der arithmetischen algebraischen geometrie 2010 n b

world scientific proudly presents 4 volumes of wolf prize in mathematics edited by y sinai e stein princeton university usa he wolf prize awarded by the wolf foundation in israel often goes to mathematicians who are in their sixties or older that is to say the prize honours the achievements of a lifetime since the work of the wolf laureates covers a wide spectrum much of the mathematics of the twentieth century comes to life in this book these invaluable books feature bibliographies important papers and speeches for example at international congresses of wolf prize winners t volume 3 volume 4 about the editors contributors contributors professor y sinai winner of wolf prize in mathematics 1996/7 for his fundamental contributions to mathematically rigorous methods in statistical mechanics and the ergodic theory of dynamical systems and their applications in physics 1978 israel m gel’fand 1986 atle selberg 1993 mikhail gromov 1992 john g thompson 2001 vladimir i arnold 2005

volume 1 contributors 1979 jean leray 1980 henri cartan 1981 lars v ahlfors 1982 lennart a e carleson 1983/4 shiing-shen chern 1983/4 paul erdös 1984/5 kunihiko kodaira 1986 samuel eilenberg 1987 kiyoshi itˉo 1988 friedrich hirzebruch 1988 lars hörmander 1990 ennio de giorgi 1995/6 robert langlands 1996/7 joseph b keller volume 2 contributors edited ed ditted d by by s s ch chern her ern n n nankai anka an kai un ka university nivveerrsi sity ty ch ty chin china in na f hi hirzebruch b h universität bonn max-planck-institut l k ffür mathematik h k bonn about the editors professor s s chern winner of wolf prize in mathematics 1983/4 for outstanding contributions to global differential geometry which have profoundly influenced all mathematics professor f hirzebruch winner of wolf prize in mathematics 1988 for outstanding work combining topology algebraic and differential geometry and algebraic number theory and for his stimulation of mathematical cooperation and