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green and sustainable highlights 2017-2018 neitw ion new ed chemistry ’s tor ice i d e ho c bestselling textbook biochemical fundamentals and applications black tio2 nanomaterials for energy applications by peter grunwald university of hamburg germany edited by xiaobo chen university of missouri-kansas city usa yi cui stanford biocatalysis 2nd edition in this completely revised and extended edition with a significantly enhanced content all chapters have been updated considering relevant literature and recent developments until 2016 together with application oriented examples with a focus on industrial biocatalysis newly treated topics comprise among others systems metabolic engineering approaches metagenome screening new tools for pathway engineering and de-novo computational design as actual research areas in biocatalysis information about different aspects of rna technologies and completely new chapters on ‘fluorescent proteins’ and ‘biocatalysis and

green and sustainable chemistry highlights 2017-2018 catalytic science series recommended hydroprocessing catalysts and processes nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage the challenges for biofuels production edited by dunwei wang boston college usa guozhong cao university of washington usa edited by bo zhang wuhan institute of technology china duncan seddon duncan seddon associates pty ltd australia this book provides an introduction to the mechanism of hydroprocessing reactions application of different metals in hydroprocessing the effect of catalyst supports applications in refining new feedstock renewable fuels standards the management of spent hydroprocessing catalysts and hydrogen production readership graduate students in catalysis refinery feedstock operations and planners fuel technologists 300pp 978-1-78634-483-0 may 2018 us$118 £104 suitable for students and practitioners in the chemical electrochemical and environmental sciences this book provides the

green and sustainable chemistry highlights 2017-2018 sustainable chemistry series vol 1 sorption enhanced reaction processes by alírio egídio rodrigues university of porto portugal luís miguel madeira university of porto portugal yi-jiang wu east china university of science and technology china rui faria university of porto portugal this book investigates the development of sorption enhanced reaction processes serps with detailed modelling and simulation design and operation of units serps are processes intensified by combining adsorption and reaction reaction and membranes or reaction/adsorption/membranes in a single unit in order to overcome thermodynamic limitations of conversion in reversible reactions the focus here is on gas phase and liquid phase processes involving different technologies including pressure swing adsorptive reactors membrane reactors and simulated moving bed reactors emphasis is also given to presenting data and practical applications of serp

green and sustainable chemistry highlights 2017-2018 be stselle rs modern developments in catalysis materials and energy vol 4 edited by graham hutchings cardiff university uk matthew davidson university of bath uk richard catlow university college london uk cardiff university uk christopher hardacre university of manchester uk nicholas turner university of manchester uk paul collier johnson matthey technology centre uk edited by arthur j ragauskas georgia institute of technology usa materials for biofuels “the book has been written at the level of chemistry and chemical engineering graduate students it provides a very accessable and useful guide to those who are interested in current state of the art and applications of catalytic science.” professor rutger a van santen eindhoven university of technology 348pp 978-1-78634-121-1 jan 2017 us$139 £115 edited by daniel duprez university of poitiers france fabrizio cavani university of bologna italy textbook by sir