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Catalog Highlights in Classical Mechanics 2018

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highlights in classical mechanics essential textbooks in physics newtonian mechanics for undergraduates by vijay tymms imperial college london uk an introduction to lagrangian mechanics 2nd edition by alain j brizard saint michael s college usa the aim of this book is to teach newtonian mechanics suitable for the first two years of university study using carefully chosen and detailed examples to expose areas of frequent misunderstanding the first two thirds of the book introduces material familiar to high school students from the ground up with a more mature point of view the final third of the book contains new material introducing detailed sections on the rotation of rigid objects and providing an insight into subtleties that can be troubling to the first-time learner tabletop physics demonstrations are suggested to assist in understanding the worked examples 268pp jan 2016 978-1-78634-007-8 us$75 £62 978-1-78634-008-5pbk us$38 £32 this book provides a very interesting

highlights in classical mechanics extended lagrange and hamilton formalism for point mechanics and covariant hamilton field theory by jürgen struckmeier gesellschaft für schwerionenforschung germany walter greiner frankfurt institute for advanced studies germany this book presents the extended lagrange and hamilton formalisms of point mechanics and field theory in the usual tensor language of standard textbooks on classical dynamics the notion extended signifies that the physical time of point dynamics as well as the space-time in field theories are treated as dynamical variables it thus elaborates on some important questions including how do we convert the canonical formalisms of lagrange and hamilton that are built upon newton s concept of an absolute time into the appropriate form of the post-einstein era how do we devise a hamiltonian field theory with space-time as a dynamical variable in order to also cover general relativity 300pp 978-981-4578-41-7 mar 2018 us$132

highlights in classical mechanics classical dynamics fundamental principles of classical mechanics a modern perspective by e c g sudarshan university of texas at austin usa n mukunda formerly of indian institute of science india a geometrical perspective by kai s lam california state polytechnic university pomona usa the reprinting of the textbook after more than 40 years is a testimony to the vitality of classical dynamics with many accompanied topics that has remained relevant until now the textbook will be useful for graduate students university lecture in physics and practicing physicists the author s goal which is to erect a pedagogical bridge as it were between the time-honored texts is certainly completely accomplished by this book in fact the author has supplied a true gem for every student who intends to major in theoretical physics zentralblatt math mathematical reviews clippings 612pp dec 2015 978-981-4713-87-0 us$110 £91 978-981-4730-01-3pbk us$55 £46 592pp

modern physics journal collection about the collection more features this collection represents 7 high-quality journals in modern physics since 1986 the contents of the journals cover particles and fields gravitation astrophysics cosmology computational nuclear science condensed matter statistical and applied physics as well as high tc superconductivity atomic molecular and optical physics physical analogies in computation and the use of computers to advance knowledge • publications in emerging areas such as gravitational waves and cosmological inflation nuclear fusion superconductivity and optics • contributions by nobel laureates and researchers from top universities and research institutes worldwide • peer reviewed scientific journals abstracted and indexed among others in scopus and science citation index to access the latest content ask your librarians to subscribe to the journals today for orders or enquiries please contact any of our offices below or visit us