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highlights in prefer digital view this catalogue online at http bit.ly/wspc-climate17 climate change 2017 editor’s choice new edition of bestselling textbook reversing climate change energy in the 21st century 4th edition carbon negative technologies and the carbon market by john r fanchi texas christian university usa christopher j fanchi fanchi enterprises usa by graciela chichilnisky columbia university usa peter bal millemont institute usa this book is about the 21st session of the conference of the parties to the united nations framework convention on climate change unfccc or cop21 held from 30 november to 11 december 2015 in paris co-written by graciela chichilnisky who proposed and designed the carbon credit emissions trading market this book is a must read for academics and professionals studying implementing and analyzing global climate change policies interested advance undergraduates and postgraduates interested in the follow up of the kyoto protocol and unfccc

climatology meteorology atmospheric chemistry lectures in climate change vol 1 our warming planet topics in climate dynamics edited by cynthia rosenzweig david rind nasa goddard institute for space studies usa columbia university usa andrew lacis nasa goddard institute for space studies usa danielle peters columbia university usa this volume encompasses topics such as natural and anthropogenic climate forcing climate modeling radiation clouds atmospheric dynamics/storms hydrology clouds the cryosphere paleoclimate sea level rise agriculture atmospheric chemistry and climate change education included with this publication are downloadable powerpoint slides of each lecture for students and teachers around the world to be better able to understand various aspects of climate change the lectures on climate change processes and consequences provide snapshots of the cutting-edge work being done to understand what may well be the greatest challenge of our time in a form suitable for

energy studies new edition of bestselling textbook climate change and the energy problem 2nd edition physical science and economics perspective by david goodstein caltech michael intriligator this important compendium deals with the primary world problems of global warming and the coming energy crisis in alternating chapters it lays out the nature of the two interrelated problems and specifies the various economic considerations thus it describes the coming shortfall of fossil fuel energy in detail and then presents the economic factors governing possible solutions written by two world renowned academics — a physicist who writes about the nature of the problem and an economist who discusses various scenarios and solutions this book highlights the problem from the point of view of a scientist and an economist readership undergraduates graduates professionals academics and the general public interested in energy studies environmental economics geophysics and public policy 110pp

environmental energy economics policy how i saw it management of transboundary water resources under scarcity analysis and commentary on environmental finance 1999 – 2005 a multidisciplinary approach edited by ariel dinar uc riverside yacov tsur the hebrew university of jerusalem israel by richard l sandor environmental financial products llc usa university of chicago law school usa • combines a multidisciplinary analysis of transboundary water management under scarcity • balances theory and case studies • includes a set of case studies nile mekong jordan aral sea rio bravo mount aquifer kidron/nar from hotspots around the world this book presents a collection of work presented by a group of academics and policy experts dealing with the impact of water scarcity and variability on the ability to jointly manage shared water and the derived welfare of international states and nations sharing international river basins consisting of economics technology law

environmental energy economics policy adaptation to climate change environmental policies in asia asean and comparative experiences perspectives from seven asian countries edited by kheng-lian koh nus singapore ilan kelman university college london uk robert kibugi university of nairobi kenya rose-liza eisma osorio university of cebu philippines this book presents a dynamic and comprehensive collection of works from legal scholars around the world that delves into a relatively new frontier on legal aspects of climate change adaptation with focus on the asean region both at the regional level as well as at the national level in some asean countries — such as malaysia philippines and thailand other countries not within asean are also represented such as bangladesh people’s republic of china sri lanka and the republic of taiwan in doing so it surveys one of the most important issues confronting developing countries today and the challenges to building resilient

titles of interest urban climate challenges in the tropics rethinking planning and design opportunities journal subscribe now edited by rohinton emmanuel glasgow caledonian university uk among the places worst hit by climate change are areas of high urban growth in the warm humid tropics of asia and latin america in these places the global trend of rapid urbanisation and conditions of local warming compound the effects of climate change this three-part book explores the unique local climate consequences of urban growth trajectories of tropical cities and provides strategies and design approaches to enhance the quality of life of tropical urban dwellers in the face of urban warming readership planners designers architects and advanced undergraduate and graduate students of architecture or planning and environmental management with a focus on the tropics 384pp 978-1-78326-840-5 may 2016 us$58 £48 in search of biohappiness 2nd edition biodiversity and food health and livelihood

series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation bestselling titles icp series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation vol 3 handbook of climate change and agroecosystems the agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project agmip integrated crop and economic assessments — joint publication with american society of agronomy crop science society of america and soil science society of america in 2 parts edited by cynthia rosenzweig daniel hillel columbia university usa “the volume presents the advances reported in a clear and structured way in doing so it provides a new benchmark for state-of-the-art coordinated international research into this important topic.” professor andy challinor university of leeds “top agricultural scientists from around the world have taken up the challenge of sustainable agriculture with the specific focus on integrating agronomic climatological biophysical and socio-economic perspectives and processes

world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate indexed in scopus world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate vol 7 new edition indo-pacific climate variability and predictability world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate vol 9 the global monsoon system research and forecast 3rd edition edited by swadhin kumar behera toshio yamagata jamstec japan edited by chih-pei chang national taiwan university us naval postgraduate school hung-chi kuo national taiwan university ngar-cheung lau chinese university of hong kong richard h johnson colorado state university bin wang university of hawaii matthew c wheeler australian bureau of meteorology this book is the third edition of a book series on the state of the science of monsoon research and forecasting the series is updated approximately every five years based on the invited reviews of the world meteorological organization’s international workshop on monsoons iwm the third edition