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prefer digital highlights in http bit.ly/wspc-cropsci17 crop science b se est ller n now i ack brep pa plant biosecurity policy evaluation the economic impacts of pests and diseases by david cook university of western australia australia rob fraser university of kent uk andrew wilby university of lancaster uk this book contains an introduction to the issues confronting plant biosecurity policymakers and how the economic risks of invasive species can be assessed over time it describes both probability models that show what might happen if species ‘invade’ a region and values models that help decide what management actions should be taken as the first book of its kind focusing on a comprehensive range of policies case studies and applications this book is perfect for biosecurity policy makers decision-support specialists advanced students of agricultural studies public policy and invasive species research readership biosecurity policy makers decision-support specialists

new titles by m s swaminathan the father of economic ecology m.s swaminathan the quest for a world without hunger vol 2 m s swaminathan legend in science and beyond by p c kesavan m s swaminathan research foundation india this unique volume is not just an in-depth analysis of professor or swaminathan’s brilliant contributions to basic cytogenetics radiation on biology mutagenesis and genomic affinities of cultivated potato and its ts wild derivatives but also the application of the new knowledge gained to improve the productivity of agricultural crops as also to enhance their eir resistance to a variety of biotic and abiotic stresses no other earlier er biographies of professor swaminathan bring out these salient dimensions ns of his scientific achievements made at the wageningen university the he netherlands cambridge university uk and wisconsin university usa sa as well as indian agricultural research institute iari new delhi this is biography is also unique for its

highlights on crop science orchid biotechnology iii drought frontiers in rice edited by wen-huei chen hong-hwa chen national cheng kung university taiwan crop improvement for increased rainfed production orchid biotechnology iii covers the most update knowledge of orchid biotechnology research on phalaenopsis oncidium cymbidium anoectohilus paphiopedilum and erycina pusilla it will provide graduate students researchers orchid lovers and breeders with an opportunity to understand the mechanism why the orchids are so mysterious and spectacular hopefully this information will be helpful for breeders to enhance orchid breeding and create even more elegant and grace flowers edited by r serraj j bennett b hardy international rice research institute irri philippines key features • this book provides the first hand and complete information of orchid biotechnology for orchid lovers graduate students researchers and industry growers • it contains comprehensive genomics and

related titles icp series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation vol 3 handbook of climate change and agroecosystems the agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project agmip integrated crop and economic assessments — joint publication with american society of agronomy crop science society of america and soil science society of america in 2 parts edited by cynthia rosenzweig daniel hillel columbia university usa “top agricultural scientists from around the world have taken up the challenge of sustainable agriculture with the specific focus on integrating agronomic climatological biophysical and d socio-economic perspectives and processes every chapter of the handbook contributes to addressing the growing food-security challenges facing the world.” foreword by jeffrey sachs director of the earth institute at columbia university readership researchers and graduate students interested in climate change and its effects on agricultural systems