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peking university blow up no 10 sheaveds frp radiall hk 26 ss 8 ta 7 8 cubic products ss 6 sae 1 4 ss 8 sae 7 8 ss 6 sae

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highlights of 2014 ade subalgebras of the triplet vertex algebra wp d-series dražen adamovic xianzu lin antun milas vol 25 no 01 1450001 2014 donagi–markman cubic for the generalized hitchin system ugo bruzzo peter dalakov vol 25 no 02 1450016 2014 quantum group-twisted tensor products of c algebras ralf meyer sutanu roy stanislaw lech woronowicz vol 25 no 02 1450019 2014 radial multipliers on amalgamated free products of ii1-factors sören möller vol 25 no 03 1450026 2014 on 3-dimensional homotopy quantum field theory ii the surgery approach vladimir turaev alexis virelizier vol 25 no 04 1450027 2014 vertex-algebraic structure of principal subspaces of standard a22 -modules i c calinescu j lepowsky a milas vol 25 no 07 1450063 2014 exceptional collections on toric fano threefolds and birational geometry hokuto uehara vol 25 no 07 1450072 2014 the little desert some subfactors with index in the interval scott morrison emily peters vol 25 no 08 1450080 2014 von neumann

notable papers on differential geometry on a class of ricci-flat douglas metrics esra sengelen sevim zhongmin shen lili zhao vol 23 no 6 1250046 jun 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12500462 on curvature properties of certain quasi-einstein hypersurfaces ryszard deszcz marian hotlos´ zerrin s• entürk vol 23 no 7 1250073 jul 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12500735 projective and finsler metrizability parameterization-rigidity of the geodesics ioan bucataru zoltan muzsnay vol 23 no 9 1250099 sep 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12500991 hypersurfaces in noncompact complex grassmannians of rank two juergen berndt young jin suh vol 23 no 10 1250103 oct 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12501030 normalized ricci flow surgery and seiberg-witten invariants masashi ishida vol 25 no 2 1450005 feb 2014 doi 10.1142/s0129167x14500050 world scientific imperial college press 3

notable papers on algebraic geometry the di francesco-itzykson-gottsche conjectures for node polynomials of p-2 nikolay qviller vol 23 no 4 1250049 apr 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12500498 hermitian complexity of real polynomial ideals john p d’angelo mihai putinar vol 23 no 06 1250026 jun 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x11007689 exceptional collections on toric fano threefolds and birational geometry hokuto uehara vol 25 no 7 1450072 jun 2014 doi 10.1142/s0129167x14500724 stable ulrich bundles marta casanellas et al vol 23 no 8 1250083 aug 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x12500838 e4 monads for framed torsion-free sheaves on multi-blow-ups of the projective plane amar abdelmoubine henni vol 25 no 1 1450008 jan 2014 doi 10.1142/s0129167x14500086 world scientific imperial college

notable papers on operator algebras subfactors of index less than 5 part 2 triple points morrison scott penneys david peters emily et al vol 23 no 3 1250016 mar 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x11007586 subfactors of index less than 5 part 4 vines penneys david tener james e vol 23 no 3 1250017 mar 2012 doi 10.1142/s0129167x11007641 world scientific imperial college press 5

notable papers on operator algebras poisson boundaries over locally compact quantum groups kalantar mehrdad neufang matthias ruan zhong-jin vol 24 no 3 1350023 mar 2013 doi 10.1142/s0129167x13500237 von neumann algebras as complemented subspaces of bh christensen erik wang liguang vol 25 no 11 1450107 oct 2014 doi 10.1142/s0129167x14501079 quantum group-twisted tensor products of c algebras meyer ralf roy sutanu woronowicz stanislaw lech vol 25 no 2 1450019   published feb 2014 doi 10.1142/s0129167x14500190 free sample issue available e6 world scientific imperial college

editorial board founding advisor chair s s chern yasuyuki kawahigashi chern institute of mathematics nankai university china university of tokyo japan honorary editor friedrich hirzebruch max-planck-institut für mathematik germany editors kung-ching chang peking university p r china yakov eliashberg stanford university usa john erik fornæss university of michigan usa franc forstneric university of ljubljana slovenia kenji fukaya kyoto university japan oscar garcia-prada instituto de ciencias matemáticas spain toshiyuki kobayashi the university of tokyo japan dung trang le international centre for theoretical physics italy ta-tsien li fudan university china xiaonan ma université paris diderot france shigeru mukai kyoto university japan takayuki oda the university of tokyo japan a n parshin steklov mathematical institute russia tomohiro sasamoto tokyo institute of technology japan special issue shoshichi kobayashi memorial volume issue 1 volume 26

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