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phenomenology of standard model higgs boson couplings measurements and theoretical interpretation τ mass and r-value measurements at bes chiara mariotti and giampiero passarino infn sezione di torino italy zhipeng zheng shuangshi fang institute of high energy vol 32 no 04 2017 1730003 physics chinese academy of sciences and guangshun huang university of science and technology of china review of bottomonium measurements from cms vol 32 no 10 2017 1730004 z hu fermilab et al vol 32 no 19n20 2017 1730015 tsung-dao lee and bepc zhipeng zheng institute of high energy physics chinese vbs w±w±h production at the hl-lhc and a 100 tev pp-collider academy of sciences vol 32 no 06n07 2017 1730007 christoph englert university of glasgow et al vol 32 no 18 2017 1750106 physics at a higgs factory matthew reece harvard university precision tests of the standard model rare b-meson decays ahmed ali desy vol 32 no 09 2017 1741015 vol 31 no 33 2016 1644003 a conceptual design of circular

neutrino physics dark matter on the icecube result on vˉμ → vˉs oscillations review of lhc dark matter searches s t petcov university of tokyo felix kahlhoefer desy vol 31 no 04 2017 1750018 vol 32 no 13 2017 1730006 implications of higgs’ universality for physics beyond the standard model supersymmetric versus so10 models of dark matter t goldman and g j stephenson jr university of new mexico and keith a olive university of minnesota los alamos national laboratory vol 32 no 13 2017 1730010 vol 32 no 16 2017 1742003 advantages of unity with su4 color reflections through neutrino oscillations baryogenesis and proton decay implications of hydrodynamical simulations for the interpretation of direct dark matter searches nassim bozorgnia and gianfranco bertone university of jogesh c pati stanford university amsterdam vol 32 no 09 2017 1741013 vol 32 no 21 2017 1730016 sterile neutrino searches at future e-e pp and e-p colliders phenomenological signatures of mixed

special issues in memory of stanley mandelstam in memory of abdus salam’s 90th birthday vol 32 issues nos 1 9 vol 32 issues nos 8 18 this special issue features articles by prominent physicists on the achievements of stanley mandelstam 1928–2016 and their personal reminiscences mandelstam pioneered the development of the theory of the analytic s-matrix his work led to the discovery of dual resonance models which in turn became superstring theory abdus salam 1926–1996 was one of the most important influential and exciting physicists of the last century this special issue features the contributions by salam’s colleagues and students reflecting on his great passion for science and achievements managing editors i antoniadis v a rubakov univ of bern univ pierre et marie curie institute for nuclear research russia a p balachandran p sphicas syracuse university cern university of athens l brink i tsutsui chalmers university of technology kek to find out more