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articles by nobel laureates editor’s suggestion early work on defect driven phase transitions duality gauge symmetries renormalization groups and the bkt transition j michael kosterlitz and david j thouless nobel laureates in physics 2016 doi 10.1142/s0217979216300188 jorge v josé indiana university doi 10.1142/s0217979217300018 ballistic anisotropic magnetoresistance in core–shell nanowires and rolled-up nanotubes ching-hao chang ifw dresden carmine ortix utrecht university majorana fermions in condensed-matter physics doi 10.1142/s0217979216300164 a j leggett nobel laureate in physics 2003 doi 10.1142/s0217979216300188 special issues special issue – advanced materials vol 31 no 16-19 30 july 2017 special issue – nonlinear and modern mathematical physics vol 30 no 28-29 20 november 2016 reprinted with permission of the authors from 40 years of berezinskii–kosterlitz– thouless theory edited by jorge josé world scientific 2013 special

on the origin of nonlocal damping in plasmonic monomers and dimers christos tserkezis university of southern denmark et al doi 10.1142 s0217979217400057 quantum emitter dipole-dipole interactions in nanoplasmonic systems marek nečada jani-petri martikainen päivi törmä aalto university doi 10.114/s0217979217400069 spectral signatures of charge transfer in assemblies of molecularly-linked plasmonic nanoparticles bjoern reinhard sarah lerch boston university doi 10.114/s0217979217400021 an atomistic-electrodynamics theory for the optical response of periodic lattices of metallic nanoparticles in the quantum size regime vassilis yannopapas national technical university of athens doi 10.114/s021797921740001x plasmonics simulations including nonlocal effects using a boundary element method approach ulrich hohenester andreas trügler university of graz f javier garcía de abajo icfo barcelona doi 10.114/s0217979217400070 achievements of our editorial board members shoucheng

editorial board editors-in-chief rongjia tao temple university yu peng wang institute of physics chinese academy of sciences advisor peter fulde max planck institute for the physics of complex systems associate editors g.p das indian association for the cultivation of science india dilip gersappe stony brook usa qian wang peking university china zidan wang the university of hong kong hong kong editorial board members n n bogolubov jr steklov mathematical institute russia c w chu university of houston usa m di ventra university of california san diego usa c m falco university of arizona usa a fujimori university of tokyo japan a furusaki riken japan m l ge nankai institute of mathematics china l glazman university of minnesota usa j d guo chinese academy of sciences china s-y han university of kansas usa p ho national university of singapore singapore b hu university of houston usa j-p huang fudan university china g-j jin nanjing university china k j jin chinese academy of sciences