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j ournalof knot theory and its ramifications notable papers inside visit for more editor-in-chief l h kauffman university of illinois at chicago usa managing editors j s carter s matveev s kamada s gukov university of south alabama usa osaka city university japan chelyabinsky state university russia california institute of

notable papers on knot invariants including link homology the kauffman bracket ideal for genus-1 tangles susan m abernathy angelo state university usa doi 10.1142/s0218216515500078 on the alexander biquandles of oriented surfacelinks via marked graph diagrams jieon kim yewon joung sang youl lee pusan national university korea doi 10.1142/s0218216514600074 the decategorification of bordered khovanov homology lawrence p roberts the university of alabama usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500783 a note on khovanov–rozansky sl2-homology and ordinary khovanov homology mark c hughes brigham young university usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500576 a diagrammatic definition of uqsl­2 stephen j bigelow university of california at santa barbara usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500369 invariants for everywhere wild knots ollie nanyes bradley university usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500370 twisted alexander polynomials with the adjoint action for some classes of knots anh t tran the university of texas at

notable papers on virtual and welded knots bridge numbers for virtual and welded knots hans u boden anne isabel gaudreau mcmaster university canada doi 10.1142/s021821651550008x reidemeister moves and a polynomial of virtual knot diagrams myeong-ju jeong korea science academy of kaist korea doi 10.1142/s0218216515500108 parities and polynomial invariants for virtual links young ho im pusan national university korea kyoung il park korea science academy of kaist korea mi hwa shin pusan national university korea doi 10.1142/s0218216514500667 delta moves and kauffman polynomials of virtual knots myeong-ju jeong korea science academy of kaist korea doi 10.1142/s0218216514500539 the affine index polynomial invariant of flat virtual knots joonoh kim pusan national university korea doi 10.1142/s0218216514500734 virtual khovanov homology using cobordisms daniel tubbenhauer centre for quantum geometry of moduli spaces qgm denmark doi 10.1142/s0218216514500461

notable papers on crossing numbers colorings knotted graphs and other features of knots coherent band pathways between knots and links dorothy buck imperial college uk kai ishihara yamaguchi university doi 10.1142/s0218216515500066 on composite types of tunnel number two knots kanji morimoto konan university japan doi 10.1142/s0218216515500133 on effective 9-colorings for knots takuji nakamura osaka electrocommunication university japan yasutaka nakanishi shin satoh kobe university japan doi 10.1142/s021821651450059x on the coloring of pseudoknots allison henrich seattle university usa slavik jablan the mathematical institute serbia doi 10.1142/s0218216514500618 on the component number of links from plane graphs daniel s silver susan g williams university of south alabama usa doi 10.1142/s0218216515200023 topological symmetry groups of möbius ladders erica flapan pomona college usa emille davie lawrence university of san francisco usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500771 any

notable papers on geometric structures on knot complements hyperbolic l-space knots and exceptional dehn surgeries kimihiko motegi kazushige tohki nihon university japan doi 10.1142/s0218216514500795 the 500 simplest hyperbolic knots abhijit champanerkar ilya kofman city university of new york usa timothy mullen doi 10.1142/s0218216514500552 seifert volumes and dilogarithm identities vu the khoi institute of mathematics vietnam doi 10.1142/s0218216514500254 combinatorics of link diagrams and volume adam giambrone alma college usa doi 10.1142/s0218216515500017 trigonometric identities and volumes of the hyperbolic twist knot cone-manifolds ji-young ham hongik university korea alexander mednykh sobolev institute of mathematics russia novosibirsk state university russia chelyabinsk state university russia vladimir petrov microsoft corporation usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500643 optimistic limits of kashaev invariants and complex volumes of hyperbolic links jinseok cho korea institute

notable papers on knot energy and other physical properties of knots nullification of torus knots and links claus ernst anthony montemayor western kentucky university usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500588 symmetric criticality for tight knots jason cantarella joseph h g fu university of georgia usa matt mastin wake forest university usa jennifer ellis royal mercer university usa doi 10.1142/s0218216514500084 discrete möbius energy sebastian scholtes rwth aachen university germany doi 10.1142/s021821651450045x on the flat braidzel length of links takahiro miura kobe university japan doi 10.1142/s0218216514500059 aims scopes this journal is intended as a forum for new developments in knot theory particularly developments that create connections between knot theory and other aspects of mathematics and natural science our stance is interdisciplinary due to the nature of the subject knot theory as a core mathematical discipline is subject to many forms of generalization virtual knots

editorial board editor-in-chief l h kauffman univ of illinois at chicago managing editors j s carter university of south alabama sergei gukov calfornia institute of technology s kamada osaka city university s matveev chelyabinsky state university academic editors c adams williams college usa j e andersen aarhus universitet y bae kyungpook national university korea anna beliakova university of zurich switzerland r benedetti pisa univ italy c blanchet université paris diderot france m boileau universite paul sabatier bat ir2 france f bonahon univ of southern california usa j c cha postech korea p dehornoy université de caen france h a dye mckendree university usa m farber queen mary university of london uk r a fenn univ of sussex uk s garoufalidis georgia inst of tech usa m-l ge nankai univ p r china p gilmer louisiana state univ

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