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life sciences 2019 biochemistry biological chemistry histopathology of glycan diversity lectin histochemistry by nissi varki pascal gagneux uc san diego this book is an educational endeavor in the unique field of glycobiology which has an impact on cell development differentiation tumor formation cancer progression and metastasis as well as pathogen recognition and binding in infectious diseases.the first of its kind to catalog the patterns of lectin binding to different tissues of organs in humans and mice this highly illustrated book will be an important reference for academics and researchers in the field of glycobiology 250pp mar 2019 978-184-8166-39-4 us$106 £88 photosynthesis solar energy for life by dmitry shevela umeå university sweden lars olof björn lund university sweden govindjee university of illinois at urbana-champaign usa the book is expected to fulfill the needs of advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in branches of biology biochemistry

life sciences 2019 frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 9 the world scientific encyclopedia of nanomedicine and bioengineering ii bioimplants regenerative medicine and nanocancer diagnosis and phototherapy a 3-volume set volume 1 synthesis and biomedical applications of graphene quantum dots volume 2 advanced nanomaterials for bioimaging and cancer therapy volume 3 design of bioactive materials for bone repair and regeneration edited by maoquan chu tongji university china wei xia uppsala university sweden jiang chang chinese academy of sciences china editor-in-chief donglu shi university of cincinnati usa this major reference publication will be important as the field of nanomedicine has been rapidly developing with a great deal of new information it is anticipated that the research will soon advance into the pre-clinical stage therefore this reference set can serve as valuable background information for future clinical studies 804pp sep 2017 978-981-4667-58-6set us$780 £686

life sciences 2019 textbook biomedical sciences stochastic models in the life sciences and their methods of analysis by frederic y m wan uc irvine this volume provides working knowledge of stochastic differential difference equations sde through some sde models of familiar biological phenomena we show how stochastic methods developed for other areas of science and engineering are also useful in life sciences it introduces a collection of analytical and computational methods for research and applications in this emerging area of life science by william e schiesser lehigh university usa the mathematical model presented in this book based on partial differential equations pdes describing attractant-repellent chemotaxis is offered for a quantitative analysis of neurodegenerative disease nd e.g alzheimer’s disease ad the model is a representation of basic phenomena mechanisms for diffusive transport and biochemical kinetics that provides the spatiotemporal distribution of

life sciences 2019 crop science crop biotechnology 50 years of green revolution genetic modification and genome editing by nigel g halford rothamsted research uk recent years have seen further technological innovation in the development of a range of techniques that enable scientists to make specific changes to target genes through a detailed history and development of the science and techniques that underpin crop biotechnology this title is concise comprehensive and readable as well as new sections on genome editing this edition includes expanded sections on current gm crops and future developments in plant biotechnology and updated sections on techniques legislation and the gm crop debate 232pp 978-1-78634-530-1 jul 2018 us$98 £86 asian agribusiness management case studies in growth marketing and upgrading strategies edited by ralph d christy cornell joselito c bernardo asian productivity organization japan aimee hampelmilagrosa asian development bank philippines fu lin

life sciences 2019 a practical guide to cancer systems biology edited by hsueh-fen juan national taiwan university taiwan hsuan-cheng huang national yang-ming university taiwan this book provides explained protocols for high-throughput experiments and computational analysis procedures central to cancer systems biology research and education readers will learn how to generate and analyze high-throughput data therapeutic target protein structure modeling and docking simulation for drug discovery this is the first practical guide for students and scientists who wish to become systems biologists or utilize the approach for cancer research 152pp 978-981-3229-14-3 jan 2018 us$78 £69 the training of cancer researchers by jose russo fox chase cancer center usa the promise of science essays and lectures from modern scientific pioneers edited by lorie karnath jason learning germany this thought-provoking publication covers a wide-range of innovative areas of research and technologies that

life sciences 2019 vascular smooth muscle structure and function in health and disease edited by chi-ming hai brown this book presents key concepts in the structure and function of vascular smooth muscle cells in health and disease supplemental reading may be drawn from the extensive references listed at the end of each chapter chapter 1 introduces the major areas of research presented in this monograph chapters 2 to 4 address the structure and function of the contractile differentiated phenotype of vascular smooth muscle cell chapters 5 and 6 address the developmental basis of vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype and structure and function of podosomes invasive organelles in the invasive/proliferative phenotype of vascular smooth muscle cell chapters 7 to 9 address the role of vascular smooth muscle cell dysfunction in vascular diseases — atherosclerosis hypertension and circulatory shock 308pp 978-981-3144-05-7 dec 2016 us$135 £112 series in structural biology vol 6

life sciences 2019 genetics and genomics learning about your genes a primer for non-biologists by errol c friedberg university of texas southwestern medical center at dallas usa this is the first and only book that we are aware of that educates nonbiologists about genes it is written in a style and uses a vocabulary that can be comprehended by the average reader who knows very little if anything about genes 100pp 978-981-3272-61-3 nov 2018 us$38 £35 understand your dna a guide by lasse folkersen copenhagen university denmark understand your dna — a guide is about what you can use genetics for it helps you put the plots and charts of consumer genetics into perspective and enables you to figure out what’s up and down in the media headlines the book is also a key input for today’s debate about what we as a society can and want to do with medical genetics genetics will play a growing role in the future understand your dna — a guide is an easy-to-read and

life sciences 2019 popular science fractals and dynamics in mathematics science and the arts theory and applications elegant fractals automated generation of computer art by julien clinton sprott university of wisconsin-madison usa fractals are intricate geometrical forms that contain miniature copies of themselves on ever smaller scales this colorful book describes methods for producing an endless variety of fractal art using a computer program that searches through millions of equations looking for those few that can produce images having aesthetic appeal 250pp 978-981-3237-13-1 feb 2019 us$98 £86 exploring complexity vol 6 disrupted balance society at risk edited by jan wouter vasbinder ntu singapore this book brings together 12 esteemed authors from diverse fields ranging from geology to governance who have come together to collectively issue a unifying clarion call to action 120pp 978-981-3239-21-0 jul 2018 us$68 £60 textbook creative mobile media a complete course by

life sciences 2019 technology https fashioned as a high-impact high-visibility top-echelon publication this new ground-breaking journal technology will feature the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering the content will have an applied science and technological slant with a focus on both innovation and application to daily lives it will cover diverse disciplines such as health and life science energy and environment advanced materials technology-based manufacturing information science and technology and marine and transportations technologies featured articless microengineered cell and tissue systems for drug screening and toxicology applications evolution of in-vitro liver technologies technology vol 03 no 01 2015 doi 10.1142/s2339547815300012 modulating electrolytic tissue ablation with reversible electroporation pulses technology vol 03 no 01 2015 doi 10.1142/s233954781550003x

life sciences 2019 journal of bioinformatics and computational biology https indexed in web of science and scopus featured articles the journal of bioinformatics and computational biology aims to publish high quality original research articles expository tutorial papers and review papers as well as short critical comments on technical issues associated with the analysis of cellular information the research papers will be technical presentations of new assertions discoveries and tools intended for a narrower specialist community the tutorials reviews and critical commentary will be targeted at a broader readership of biologists who are interested in using computers but are not knowledgeable about scientific computing and equally computer scientists who have an interest in biology but are not familiar with current thrusts nor the language of biology such carefully chosen tutorials and articles should greatly accelerate the rate of entry of these new creative

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