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Featured catalog pages of Life Sciences Collections life sciences collections at world scientific we offer flexible purchasing models to help meet our customers needs you can purchase our life sciences books in a subject collection or if you prefer use our pick and choose option our life sciences collection is just one part of our full e-books list – a list which now stands at over 7,000 titles purchase options collection 2016 count list price us discounted price us 31 8,201 2017 43 12,000 1981–2016 405 86,824 pick and choose discount us$2,000 – us$10,000 10 discount contact us for a quote why purchase our life sciences collection content written by prominent life sciences experts such as nobel laureates wolf prize-winners >us$10,000 15 discount today sutc conta ee trial r for a f a great resource of monographs review papers and conference proceedings nggs a wide range of topics covering all aspects ctts of life sciences generous discounts when buying a collection ecction indexed in what people are saying about our books bioengineering in wound healing  a systems approach gmo sapiens  the life-changing science of designer babies by paul knoepfler uc davis “knoepfler’s gmo sapiens is a down-to-earth introduction to the human use of new genetic technologies an easy and enjoyable read the book is targeted to an audience that has a general interest in but perhaps a minimal understanding of science knoepfler cautiously guides his reader through the emerging technologies that will allow humans to more easily alter our genetic codes.” science human diversity  edited by martin l yarmush rutgers university usa harvard medical school usa alexander golberg tel aviv university israel “this book delivers a comprehensive insight into all aspects of wound healing scar formation skin regeneration — in vivo and in vitro the great overlap of biomaterials and bioengineering makes this book worthwhile and provides