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life43333stars sciences titles rated above on amazon what verified readers have to say series in structural biology volume 8 textbook of structural biology 2nd edition by anders liljas lund university sweden lars liljas uppsala university sweden miriam-rose ash the university of sydney australia göran lindblom umeå university sweden poul nissen morten kjeldgaard aarhus university denmark “this book gives a very good introduction to structural biology building the foundations every student interested in the field must have the very good focus on the techniques used by structural biologists is essential for anyone working in research in this field.” “a well balanced up-to-date book on the structure-function relationship in biological macromolecules …” myths and verities in protein folding theories by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel “… this book was a revelation because it contradicted almost everything i

life sciences titles rated 4 stars3333 above on amazon emperor of enzymes debating cancer  a biography of arthur kornberg biochemist and nobel laureate the paradox in cancer research by henry h heng wayne state university school of medicine usa by errol c friedberg university of texas southwestern school of medicine usa “i was his last secretary and i am enjoying the book and seeing photos of many of his friends …” readership general public students and researchers in biochemistry and enzymology 340pp 978-981-4699-80-8 978-981-4699-81-5pbk july 2016 us$70 us$36 £58 £30 cures vs profits “it’s an excellent book about carcino genesis everyone who is interested in cancer should read it as a clinican i got a very good use of it.” readership this book will be appreciated by the research community at large it will also serve as an excellent resource for a wide range of readers including researchers graduate students physicians science reporters

life sciences titles rated 4 stars3333 above on amazon neural stem cells in health and disease edited by ashok k shetty texas a&m health science center college of medicine usa journal of biological systems “excellent scientific review of neural stem cell research written by experts in the field.” indexed in web of science http readership students and faculty interested in neuro-degenerative medicine 572pp 978-981-4623-17-9 oct 2015 us$118 £98 featured articles adam’s nose and the making of humankind by michael stoddart university of tasmania australia “some charming stories lots of gossip soft science and some quaint ideas make a good introduction to a fascinating topic.” readership non-experts with an interest in what makes us human biology anthropology and human evolution students perfumery and aromatherapy professionals 284pp 978-1-78326-517-6 978-1-78326-518-3pbk apr 2015 us$58 us$28 £48 £23 nobel prizes and

life sciences titles rated 4 stars3333 above on amazon journal of bioinformatics and computational biology indexed in web of science and scoupus http recent articles an automated pipeline for mitochondrial segmentation on atum-sem stacks weifu li hao deng qiang rao qiwei xie xi chen hua han doi 10.1142/s0219720017500159 microtarget microrna target gene prediction approach with application to breast cancer hanaa torkey lenwood s heath mahmoud elhefnawi doi 10.1142/s0219720017500135 large-scale parallel genome assembler over cloud computing environment arghya kusum das praveen kumar koppa sayan goswami richard platania seung-jong park doi 10.1142/s0219720017400030 $q i¿flhqw 0hwkrg iru 6ljql¿fdqw 0rwliv lvfryhu  urp multiple dna sequences abdulrakeeb m al-ssulami aqil m azmi hassan mathkour doi 10.1142/s0219720017500147 a novel model-based on fcm–lm algorithm for prediction of protein folding rate longlong liu mingjiao ma jing cui doi