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mathematics 2018 a graduate course in algebra in 2 volumes algebra related topics boolean functions cryptographic and combinatorial properties functions with symmetry by s maitra indian statistical institute india this book discusses cryptographic and combinatorial properties of boolean functions we discuss these properties e.g balancedness nonlinearity correlation immunity propagation characteristics algebraic immunity in detail the basic material will always contain hardcore theoretical results however we present the materials in a way that a person with undergraduate level mathematical background can access it implementation details related to these properties e.g how to check in writing a program whether a boolean function is correlation immune will be detailed readership researchers in combinatorics and theoretical computer science 420pp 978-981-4327-13-8 978-981-4327-14-5ebook apr 2018 us$162 us$243 £134 £202 b ioannis farmakis martin moskowitz city by university of new

mathematics 2018 differential integral equations hessian polyhedra invariant theory and appell hypergeometric functions by lei yang peking university china peking university series in mathematics selected papers of weiyue ding edited by you-de wang chinese academy of sciences china this collection covers all papers and partial talks given by prof weiyu ding who was a member of the chinese academy of sciences prof weiyue ding devoted his academic career to the research in the field of ordinary differential equations and geometric analysis e.g poincare – birkhoff fixed point theorems blow-up analysis for heat flow of harmonic maps readership researchers in partial differential equations and differential geometry 700pp 978-981-3220-87-4 978-981-3220-88-1ebook may 2018 us$168 us$252 £139 £209 readership academics and researchers 400pp 978-981-3209-47-3 978-981-3209-48-0ebook feb 2018 us$148 us$222 £123 £185 a first course in partial differential equations monographs in

mathematics 2018 geometry topology series in pure mathematics the geometry of spherical space form groups 2nd edition by peter b gilkey university of oregon usa this volume is a completely rewritten revision of the first edition the underlying organization is modified to provide a better organized and more coherent treatment of the material approximately 100 pages have been added to study the existence of metrics of positive scalar curvature on spin manifolds of dimension at least 5 whose fundamental group is a spherical space form group we focus on the geometric aspect of the theory rather than more abstract algebraic constructions and to restrict our attention to spherical space forms rather than more general and complicated geometrical examples to avoid losing contact with the fundamental geometry involved may 2018 us$148 us$222 £123 £185 new topological invariants for real and angle-valued maps an alternative to morse – novikov theory by dan burghelea ohio state

mathematics 2018 an introduction to analysis series in real analysis vol 14 nonabsolute integration on measure spaces by piotr mikusi´nski university of central florida usa jan mikusi´nski by wee leng ng ntu singapore this book offers to the reader a self-contained treatment and systematic exposition of the real-valued theory of a nonabsolute integral on measure spaces it is an introductory textbook to henstock – kurzweil type integrals defined on abstract spaces it contains both classical and original results that are accessible to a large class of readers in this book the author shows a creative and innovative way of defining “intervals” in measure spaces and prove many interesting and important results including the well-known radon – nikodým theorem readership graduate students and researchers interested in analysis 160pp 978-981-3221-96-3 978-981-3221-97-0ebook oct 2017 us$78 us$117 £65 £98 new edition of bestseller weighted

mathematics 2018 mathematical finance economics mathematical logic foundations computability forcing and descriptive set theory risk and stochastics edited by douglas cenzer university of florida usa christopher porter drake university usa jindrich zapletal university of florida usa ragnar norberg at 70 edited by pauline barrieu london school of economics and political science uk contributions by ragnar norberg this book collects articles written by academics who have influenced and been influenced by the life and work of professor norberg celebrated here are his professional and academic achievements most significantly the instrumental work he put into setting up the world-renowned risk and stochastics group at the london school of economics lse subjects covered include discussion of risk measurements ruin constraint supporting stable pensions filtration in discrete time riesz means and beurling moving averages and orthonormal polynomial expansions this volume presents some

mathematics 2018 bestselling series the principles of newtonian and quantum mechanics 2nd edition ltcc advanced mathematics series vol 2 the need for planck’s constant h by maurice a de gosson university of vienna austria foreword by basil hiley fluid and solid mechanics edited by shaun bullett queen mary university of london uk tom fearn frank smith university college london uk this book deals with the foundations of classical physics from the “symplectic” point of view and of quantum mechanics from the “metaplectic” point of view the bohmian interpretation of quantum mechanics is discussed in detail phase space quantization is achieved using the “principle of the symplectic camel” which is a deep topological property of hamiltonian flows we introduce the notion of “quantum blob” which can be viewed as the fundamental phase space unit the mathematical tools developed are the theory of the symplectic and metaplectic group the

mathematics 2018 probability statistics random processes first-passage and escape by jaume masoliver university of barcelona spain random processes are one of the most powerful tools in the study and understanding of countless phenomena in natural and social sciences the book is a complete medium-level introduction to the subject the book is written in a clear and pedagogical manner but with enough rigor and scope that can appeal to both students and researchers this book is addressed to advanced students and professional researchers in many branches of science where level crossings and extremes appear but with some particular emphasis on some applications in socio-economic systems readership advanced students and professional researchers 350pp 978-981-3225-31-2 978-981-3225-32-9ebook aug 2018 us$128 us$192 £113 £170 probability theory and stochastic processes with applications 2nd edition by oliver knill harvard this second edition has a unique approach that provides a broad

mathematics 2018 the mathematics that power our world trigonometry notes problems and exercises by roger delbourgo formerly at middlesex university uk how is it made by joseph khoury gilles lamothe university of ottawa canada this book provides a thorough intermediatelevel yet concise course in trigonometry for use in colleges there are 37 short chapters each treating one specific theme and containing worked examples and easy exercises central to the work are the trigonometric properties of triangle abc and its associated points a small appendix contains some spherical trigonometry with interesting problems related to the earth a larger one for enthusiastic students provides further lengthier exercises for extra practice and full solutions are supplied in the conclusion readership students educators and general public interested in trigonometry 188pp 978-981-3207-10-3 978-981-3203-11-2pbk feb 2017 us$58 us$28 £48 £23 “the topics are real life applications and they are

journals mathematics 2018 algebra related topics algebra colloquium ac international journal of number theory ijnt print issn 1005-3867 http print online issn 1793-0421 1793-7310 http this is an international mathematical journal founded at the beginning of 1994 it is edited by the academy of mathematics systems science chinese academy of sciences jointly with suzhou university and published quarterly in english in every march june september and december algebra colloquium carries original research articles of high level in the field of pure and applied algebra this journal aims to reflect the latest developments in algebra and promote international academic exchanges this journal publishes original research papers and review articles on all areas of number theory including elementary number theory analytic number theory algebraic number theory arithmetic algebraic geometry geometry of numbers diophantine equations

mathematics 2018 title index 40 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 9 tick the titles and email to to recommend to your librarian boolean functions cryptographic and combinatorial properties 4 infinite group theory 4 compactifications of pel-type shimura varieties and kuga families with ordinary loci 4 a graduate course in algebra in 2 volumes 4 periods and special functions in transcendence 4 lectures on lie groups 2nd edition 4 crystal bases 5 nearrings nearfields and related topics 5 a walk through combinatorics 4th edition 5 an introduction to non-abelian class field theory 5 abstract algebra 2nd edition 5 the book of numbers 5 a first course in linear algebra 6 contemporary developments in finite fields and applications 6 p-adic aspects of modular forms 6 an introduction to applied matrix analysis 6 exercises in linear algebra 6 algebra logic and combinatorics 6 adex theory 7 galois’

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