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mathematics education methods more at http problem solving in mathematics and beyond series editor alfred s posamentier teaching children to love problem solving  a reference from birth through adulthood 150pp 978-981-3209-82-4 978-981-3208-79-7pbk jun 2017 us$58 £48 us$24 £20 strategy games to enhance problem-solving ability in mathematics 136pp 978-981-3146-33-4 978-981-3146-34-1pbk jan 2017 us$45 £40 us$24 £20 mathematics problem-solving challenges for secondary school students and beyond 196pp apr 2016 978-981-4730-03-7pbk us$28 £23 problems for metagrobologists 188pp may 2015 978-981-4651-62-2 us$54 £45 978-981-4651-63-9pbk us$24 £20 248pp apr 2016 978-981-4663-63-2 us$58 £48 978-981-4663-64-9pbk us$28 £23 the kenken method — puzzles for beginners  150 puzzles and solutions to make you smarter originally intended to improve reasoning creativity concentration and perseverance this simple yet sophisticated puzzle has since

the tangram puzzle book number treasury3 3rd edition a new approach to the classic pieces by david goodman ilan garibi the tangram one of the oldest types of dissection puzzles in the world learn while playing come on and play with symmetry puzzles cover-up puzzles and self-similarity puzzles to increase your skill and mental acuity new puzzle designs to add variety and challenge some of the puzzles may not use all seven pieces of the tangram set while others may use pieces from two or more sets twist to the classic tangram most of the puzzles do not allow connections between the pieces unless they share a common edge with this slight change to the rules an entirely new universe of tangram puzzles and challenges is unleashed to delight the puzzle solver 190pp 978-981-3234-00-0 978-981-3235-20-5pbk jul 2018 us$48 us$28 £40 £23 the power of computational thinking games magic and puzzles to help you become a computational thinker by paul curzon peter w mcowan queen mary university

the population explosion and other mathematical puzzles the pleasures of pi e and other interesting numbers by dick hess by y e o adrian m.a ph.d cambridge honorary fellow of christ’s college cambridge “the book is small but offers a rich collection of interesting problems — puzzles if you will – not requiring math knowledge beyond high and many middle school level.” ctk insights “almost all of the problems are fresh or at least have an extra complication to it this is a marvelous collection that i can warmly recommend to occasional as well as diehard puzzlers.” european mathematical society 164pp 978-981-4740-97-5 978-981-4733-75-5pbk may 2016 us$48 us$28 £40 £23 plain plane geometry “written in a warm and graceful style this unusual book has the feel of a journey through time interspersed with historical references and interesting anecdotes using infinite series as a thread the book reveals the beauty and elegance as well as

mathematical olympiad titles more at http algebraic inequalities  hc f o rt omin 8 368pp 978-981-3142-93-0pbk us$34 £32 mathematical olympiad in china 2011–2014 new 368pp 978-981-3142-93-0pbk us$38 £32 a central european olympiad the mathematical duel new 292pp 978-981-3223-90-5pbk us$38 £33 solving problems in geometry insights and strategies 356pp 978-981-4583-74-9pbk us$34 £28 lecture notes on mathematical olympiad courses junior section 376pp 978-981-4293-53-2set pbk us$40 £33 senior section 556pp 978-981-4368-94-0set pbk us$72 £60 first second step to mathematical olympiad problems first step 292pp 978-981-4273-87-9pbk us$35 £29 second step 312pp 978-981-4327-87-9pbk us$38 £32 motivating mathematics  does mathematical study develop logical thinking engaging teachers and engaged students by david wells fox howard literary agency uk “throughout the book wells draws on his personal experiences he

diversifying mathematics teaching  investigating the pedagogy of mathematics advanced educational content and methods for prospective elementary teachers how do teachers develop their knowledge by sergei abramovich state university of new york at potsdam usa the book enhances preparation of elementary teacher candidates by offering teaching ideas conducive to the development of deep understanding of concepts fundamental to the mathematics curriculum they are to teach it shows how the diversity of teaching methods stems from the knowledge of mathematics content and how appreciating this diversity opens a window to the teaching of extended content 284pp 978-981-3206-87-8 978-981-3208-90-2pbk apr 2017 us$98 us$48 £81 £40 mathematics instruction goals tasks and activities  readers will find various task design principles examples of mathematical tasks used in classrooms and teaching approaches to implement the tasks through these discussions readers are invited to reflect and

origamics japanese lesson study in mathematics mathematical explorations through paper folding its impact diversity and potential for educational improvement by kazuo haga university of tsukuba japan edited by josefina c fonacier university of philippines philippines masami isoda university of tsukuba japan “this exciting and surprising book is presented quite differently from classical geometry highly recommended to mathematics teachers to give them an alternative approach to high school geometry and from the introduction ‘provoking more enthusiasm for mathematics study’.” zentralblatt math 152pp 978-981-283-489-8 978-981-283-490-4pbk oct 2008 us$73 us$43 £61 £36 edited by masami isoda university of tsukuba japan max stephens university of melbourne australia yutaka ohara naruto university of education japan takeshi miyakawa university of tsukuba japan this book supports the growing movement of lesson study to improve the quality of mathematics