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money and banking new notable titles world scientific series in finance vol 9 great investment ideas by william t ziemba ubc london school of economics uk “this volume provides the reader with easy access to a dozen of the papers of one of the field’s mostimportant and prolific financial economist.” harry markowitz nobel laureate 1990 and professor at uc san diego great investment ideas is a collection of articles published in the journal of portfolio management from 1993 to 2015 the book contains useful ideas for investment management and trading and discusses the methods results and evaluation of great investors it also covers important topics such as the effect of errors in means variances and co-variances in portfolio selection problems stock market crashes and stock market anomalies portfolio theory and practice evaluation theory etc this book is a must-have publication for investors and financial experts researchers and graduate students in finance 296pp

new notable titles in money and banking world scientific series in finance the adventures of a modern renaissance academic in investing and gambling by william t ziemba ubc “this book is remarkable in several ways it recounts bill’s adventures throughout his life and the amazing number of things he has done places he has visited and people he has known and worked with many of those people were among the most brilliant in their respective fields and bill recounts his interactions adventures and often collaborations with them but the book is not just fun it also provides keen insights into how to make money in the stock market and horse racing it is a matter of looking for the special situations the anomalies where distinctive opportunities open up and bill backs this up with his careful and exhaustive research the book is an adventure in life and money from beginning to end.” willard zangwill booth school of business university of chicago 350pp jul 2017

new notable titles in money and banking world scientific lecture notes in economics lecture notes in public budgeting and financial management deep dive into financial models modeling risk and uncertainty by william duncombe syracuse university usa by mathieu le bellac bred bank france arnaud viricel natixis france this lecture notes provides an overview of budgeting and financial management in the public and non-profit sectors fundamental concepts and practices of budgeting financial management and public finance are introduced with special emphasis on state and local government budgeting and financial management in the united states the objectives of courses in public budgeting and this title are to teach the basic concepts and nomenclature of public finance to develop an understanding of budget processes as well as the sources and uses of public revenues and to make relatively simple but useful computations in an intelligent way since 2007 the repeated financial crises around the

new notable titles in money and banking contemporary issues in the post-crisis regulatory landscape the economic foundations of risk management theory practice and applications by robert jarrow cornell this book presents the theory the practice and applies this knowledge to provide a forensic analysis of some well-known risk management failures by doing so this book introduces a unified framework for understanding how to manage the risk of an individual’s or corporation’s or financial institution’s assets and liabilities the collective insights in this book is applied to six case studies which are famous risk management failures these are penn square bank metallgesellschaft orange county barings bank long term capital management and washington mutual the credit crisis is also discussed to understand how risk management failed for many institutions and why 208pp jan 2017 978-981-3147-51-5 us$75 £62 978-981-3149-96-0pbk us$38 £32 the book deals with

new notable titles in money and banking international finance and open-economy macroeconomics 2nd edition angels without borders trends and policies shaping angel investment worldwide edited by john may new vantage group usa manhong mannie liu chinese academy of sciences china theory history and policy by hendrik van den berg university of nebraska lincoln usa mount holyoke college usa this book provides a complete theoretical historical and policy-focused account of the international financial system that covers all of the standard topics such as foreign exchange markets balance of payments accounting macroeconomic policy in an open economy exchange rate crises multinational enterprises and international financial markets the book uses the 1944 bretton woods conference as a unifying theme to relate the many controversial issue it is written in a lively manner to bring real world events into the discussion of all of the concepts topics and policy issues there is also emphasis on

new notable titles in money and banking bestselling titles alan greenspan the oracle behind the curtain by e ray canterbery florida state university usa “because he is a gifted writer who avoids jargon and unnecessary abstraction professor canterbery defends his points in ways that are accessible to general readers there are a number of issues he raises that are wellresearched and convincingly argued.” journal of economic issues this thought-provoking new title by the highly acclaimed author of wall street capitalism and a brief history of economics provides a muchneeded counterbalance to the mythical distortions of alan greenspan canterbery exposes greenspan’s fundamentalist market ideology as overwhelming rationality in the making of economic policy he depicts a fed selfishly guarding its political independence even as greenspan has his way in virtually every major economic and social policy affecting the global economy since the ford administration 208pp

new notable titles in money and banking new forthcoming titles in economics and finance 3-in-1 governing a global financial centre by jun jie woo ntu singapore 150pp 978-981-3221-16-1 sep 2017 us$68 £56 contract governance and transaction cost economics by oliver e williamson uc berkeley edited by gengxuan chen contract and economic organization research center sichuan academy of social sciences uc berkeley world scientific studies in international economics 220pp 978-981-3202-07-8 by martin richardson australian national university labour economics and public policy dimensions of trade policy 350pp 978-981-3207-60-8 aug 2017 us$138 £115 may 2017 us$98 £81 managing the labour markets for competitiveness by soon beng chew ntu singapore world scientific studies in international economics 276pp 978-981-3149-80-9 by ronald w jones university of rochester usa management of transboundary water resources under scarcity international trade theory and competitive models features

new notable titles in money and banking journals subscribe now for an institutional trial to these journals please email international journal of theoretical and applied finance ijtaf review of pacific basin financial markets and policies rpbfmp advisor r c merton mit sloan school of management usa managing editor cheng-few lee rutgers university usa editor-in-chief lane p hughston brunel university london me featured articles me featured articles • cross-border bank mergers and acquisitions what factors pull and push banks together dongyun lin james barth john jahera keven yost • forward prices as functionals of the spot path in commodity markets modeled by levy semistationary processes fred espen benth sara ana solanilla blanco • cross-sectional return predictability in taiwan stock exchange an empirical investigation nusret cakici kudret topyan chia-jane wang