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most comprehensive up-to-date research on se porphyrins co 4 e 4 nt pa vo en ge lu ts m o 3 fo es f r de edited by karl m kadish kevin m smith roger guilard university of houston usa louisiana state university usa université de bourgogne france scan the qr code or visit http set 8 vol 36 to 40 set 9 vol 41 to 44 vol 36 bodipys and chlorins powerful related porphyrin fluorophores vol 41 novel porphyrinoid precursors vol 37 synthesis and reactivity of exotic porphyrinoids vol 43 design of precursors for sustainable chemistry vol 38 towards green chemistry vol 39 towards diagnostics and treatment of cancer vol 40 nanoorganization of porphyrinoids vol 42 towards tuned properties of porphyrinoids vol 44 bio-inspired porphyrin scaffolds for synthesis and catalysis get sets 1 to 9 at us$16,324 £13,493 print total 44 volumes vivid testimony to the continuing broad interest and deep impact of the chemistry of these pigments of life.”

handbook of porphyrin science porphyrins phthalocyanines and their numerous analogs professors karl kadish kevin smith and roger guilard and derivatives are materials of tremendous importance in are internationally recognized experts in the research chemistry materials science physics biology and medicine field of porphyrinoids each having his own separate but they comprise the red color in blood heme and the green complementary area of expertise in the field between them in leaves chlorophyll they are also excellent ligands that they have published over 1750 peer-reviewed papers and can coordinate with almost every metal in the periodic table jointly edited more than 55 books on diverse topics related grounded in natural systems porphyrins are incredibly to porphyrins and phthalocyanines in assembling the set of versatile and can be modified in many ways each new new volumes of this unique handbook they have selected modification yields derivatives that can demonstrating new and

handbook of porphyrin science sets 8 9 set 9 volumes 41–44 http contents volume 41 novel porphyrinoid precursors • heteroporphyrinoid systems compounds and materials composed of different chromophores christopher farley joana t ferreira amit aggarwal n v s dinesh k bhupathiraju sunaina singh charles michael drain and joão p c tomé • synthesis of 2,2’-bipyrroles and pyrrolyldipyrromethenes lijuan jiao erhong hao and changjiang yu • molecular hybrids of cavitands and porphyrinoids hplwøúfl=h qhoùdklq fabienne dumoulin and vefa ahsen • unusual properties of asymmetric porphycenes oriol planas thibault gallavardin and santi nonell volume 42 towards tuned properties of porphyrinoids • resonance raman spectroscopy as a structural probe of the cytochrome p450 enzymatic cycle piotr mak • porphyrin-based donor-acceptor dyads engineering the linker and tuning the photoinduced electron transfer nikolai v

handbook of porphyrin science set 7 set 7 volumes 31–35 http volume 33 applications — part ii • design synthesis selective recognition properties and targeted drug delivery application jarmila králová zdenÙek kejík tomáš brÙíza robert kaplánek kamil záruba pavel martásek and vladimír král • phosphorescence of triplet chlorophylls alexander a krasnovsky jr • ionic liquid-based chlorins and type iii mechanism of photodynamic therapy pdt il yoon dorjnamjin demberelnyamba jia zhu li and young key shim • porphyrins as active components for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical devices pierluca galloni andrea vecchi alessia coletti emanuela gatto barbara floris and valeria conte contents volume 31 synthesis — part ii • porphyrin analogs containing non-pyrrolic heterocycles christian brückner joshua akhigbe and lalith p samankumara • oligoporphyrins with one and two-atom

handbook of porphyrin science set 6 set 6 volumes 26–30 http • hemoglobin and hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers a biochemical pharmacological and toxicological perspective • unique features of heme biosynthesis in the malaria parasite • ironiii protoporphyrin ix and hemozoin key targets in the chemotherapy of malaria • cyclic tetrapyrroles in photodynamic therapy the chemistry of porphyrins and related compounds in medicine • porphyrin conjugates for cancer therapy volume 28 chlorophyll photosynthesis and bio-inspired energy guest editor gloria c ferreira university of south florida usa this 5-volume set provides a comprehensive review of the most upto-date research on porphyrin heme and chlorophyll biochemistry as well as applications to biomedicine and bio-inspired energy in-depth coverage of topics along with perspectives on outstanding questions and future research directions by the authors make these volumes an essential

handbook of porphyrin y science sets 1 to 5 volume 17 synthetic developments part ii • syntheses of bacteriochlorins and isobacteriochlorins • the hemiporphyrazines and related systems • electrochemistry of pyrroles and oligopyrroles analytic and synthetic aspects set 5 volumes 21–25 http volume 21 catalysis • porphyrin and corrole platforms for water oxidation oxygen reduction and peroxide dismutation • an overview of metalloporphyrin-catalyzed carbon and nitrogen group transfer reactions • metalloporphyrin catalyzed c-c bond formation • recent advances in catalysis by watersoluble metalloporphyrins volume 22 biophysical and physicochemical studies of tetrapyrroles • phycobiliproteins • formation principles and excited states relaxation in self-assembled complexes multiporphyrin arrays and “semiconductor cdse/zns quantum dot-porphyrin” nanocomposites • quantum chemical studies on the

handbook of porphyrin science sets 1 to 5 handbook of porphyrin science volume 9 electronic absorption spectra – phthalocyanines • uv-visible absorption spectroscopic properties of phthalocyanines and related macrocycles • volume 10 catalysis and bio-inspired systems – part i • metalloporphyrin–catalyzed asymmetric atom/group transfer reactions • high–valent iron-oxo porphyrins in oxygenation reactions • on the significance of phthalocyanines in solar cells • artificial photosynthetic systems composed of porphyrins and phthalocyanines • anchoring of porphyrins and phthalocyanines on conductors and semiconductors for use in hybrid electronics • bioinspired catalysts with b12 enzyme functions • 2808pp set 978-981-4307-18-5 978-981-4307-24-6ebook jul 2010 us$1850 us$2775 £1536 £2304 set 1 volumes 1–5 http volume 1 supramolecular chemistry • synthetic strategies toward

c onnectingg re atminds eenjoy en njjo oy one one year on yyeearr 20 20 0 discount dis iscoun isc cou un nt for for world fo wo scientific’s tifi ti ific’’s chemistry chemistry yy nano and materials science b k if you subscribe b ib during d ithethe thofficial f journal books conference of spp journal of porphyrins and phthalocyanines details and discount code will be sent by post or email print issn 1088-4246 online online issn 1099-1409 p ublished monthly jpp is an international peer-reviews journals covers research in the chemistry physics biology and technology of porphyrins phthalocyanines and related macrocycles research papers review articles and short communications deal with the synthesis spectroscopy processing and applications of these compounds kwwszzzzruogvflhqwl¿ffrpmss visit jpp website to view the free sample issues and the summary synopsis of articles published from 2009 editor-in-chief professor karl m kadish university of