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new and important titles in pattern recognition and artificial intelligence 2018 series in machine perception and artificial intelligence vol 82 document analysis and text recognition edited by c h chen university of massachusetts dartmouth usa benchmarking state-of-the-art systems edited by volker märgner technische universität braunschweig germany umapada pal indian statistical institute india apostolos antonacopoulos university of salford uk the compendium presents the latest results of the most prominent competitions held in the field of document analysis and text recognition it includes a description of the participating systems and the underlying methods on one hand and the datasets used together with evaluation metrics on the other hand this volume also demonstrates with examples how to organize a competition and how to make it successful it will be an indispensable handbook to the document image analysis community readership researchers academics professionals and graduate students in pattern recognition/image analysis neural networks and innovation technology 304pp 978-981-3229-26-6 apr 2018 us$128 £113 lessons from the convergence of computing and cognitive psychology by charles t ross british computer society uk • this book provides a comprehensive and concise account of major developments in pattern recognition and is written by leading experts in the fields • this book provides coverage of major applications in human identification medical imaging remote sensing speech audio processing and industrial machine vision • this book provides in-depth coverage of fundamental theory of pattern recognition and computer vision 584pp 978-981-4656-52-8 feb 2016 us$210 £185 series in machine perception and artificial intelligence vol 81 readership computer scientists software and electronic engineers cognitive neuroscientists researchers and the general public interested in the operation of the brain £86 series in computer vision vol 5 computer vision and robotics in perioperative process by yi xu silicon valley research center usa huan tan ge global research usa ying mao dreamworld usa inc usa lynn-ann derose ge global research usa this invaluable compendium highlights the challenges of perioperative process in hospitals today it delves into the development of a multiagent robotic system where a dirty-side robot that sorts instruments returned from a surgical room into different containers for easy scrubbing a traybot that navigates the environment and transports the instrument containers to different stations a clean-side robot that picks up instruments and places them in surgical kits and an orchestration software architecture that manages the cooperation between different robots 2 computing reviews key features data mining with decision trees the book is the first of its kind to compare comprehensive definitions of both information and intelligence an essential component to the advancement of computing into the realms of artificial intelligence in examining explanations for intelligence consciousness memory and meaning from the perspective of a computer scientist it offers routes that can be taken to augment natural and artificial intelligence improving our own individual abilities and even considering the potential for creating a prosthetic brain apr 2018 us$98 “for graduate students pursuing phds and professionals doing research and development in the pattern recognition and computer vision field this is a book you shouldn’t miss overall this book has a rich set of techniques with a wide range of applications for pattern recognition and computer vision this book will be useful to electrical engineering and computer science graduate students and researchers working in the field of machine vision.” readership graduate students academics practitioners researchers computer scientists electrical and medical engineers unlocking consciousness 388pp 978-1-78634-468-7 handbook of pattern recognition and computer vision 5th edition theory and applications 2nd edition by lior rokach ben-gurion university of the negev israel oded maimon tel-aviv university israel this 2nd edition is dedicated entirely to the field of decision trees in data mining to cover all aspects of this important technique as well as improved or new methods and techniques developed after the publication of our first edition in this new edition all chapters have been revised and new topics brought in new topics include cost-sensitive active learning learning with uncertain and imbalanced data using decision trees beyond classification tasks privacy preserving decision tree learning lessons learned from comparative studies and learning decision trees for big data a walk-through guide to existing open-source data mining software is also included in this edition readership researchers graduate and undergraduate students in information systems engineering computer science statistics and management 328pp 978-981-4590-07-5 nov 2014 us$110 £91 iisc lecture notes series vol 4 game theory and mechanism design by y narahari indian institute of science india “i am very pleased that y narahari has written this lovely text which presents the fundamentals of game theory and mechanism design clearly and concisely in doing so dr narahari has performed a great service to students and researchers interested in the lively interface between engineering sciences and economics.” professor eric maskin harvard university nobel laureate in economic sciences 2007 readership researchers academics professionals and graduate students in machine perception /computer vision pattern recognition image analysis and robotics and automated systems software readership senior undergraduate first year master’s and first year research students academics and industrial researchers in computer science computer engineering networks and communications artificial intelligence/machine learning operations research industrial engineering management science and microeconomics 120pp 978-981-3233-27-0 532pp 978-981-4525-04-6 jun 2018 us$78 £70 may 2014 us$148 £123