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new and important titles in pattern recognition and artificial intelligence 2018 principles of quantum artificial intelligence computational intelligence and its applications in this book we introduce quantum computation and its application to ai we highlight problem solving and knowledge representation framework based on information theory we cover two main principles of quantum computation — quantum fourier transform and grover search then we indicate how these two principles can be applied to problem solving and finally present a general model of a quantum computer that is based on production systems edited by h k lam king’s college london uk steve s h ling university of technology sydney australia hung t nguyen university of technology sydney australia by andreas wichert instituto superior técnico universidade de lisboa portugal readership professionals academics researchers and graduate students in artificial intelligence theoretical computer science quantum physics and computational physics 276pp 978-981-4566-74-2 dec 2013 us$98 £81 advanced series in circuits and systems vol 7 principles of artificial neural networks 3rd edition by daniel graupe university of illinois chicago usa this volume covers the basic theory and architecture of the major artificial neural networks uniquely it presents 18 complete case studies of applications of neural networks in various fields ranging from cell-shape classification to micro-trading in finance and to constellation recognition — all with their respective source codes these case studies demonstrate to the readers in detail how such case studies are designed and executed and how their specific results are obtained readership graduate and advanced senior students in artificial intelligence pattern recognition image analysis neural networks computational economics and finance and biomedical engineering 384pp 978-981-4522-73-1 sep 2013 us$114 this book focuses on computational intelligence techniques and their applications — fast-growing and promising research topics that have drawn a great deal of attention from researchers over the years it brings together many different aspects of the current research on intelligence technologies such as neural networks support vector machines fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation and covers a wide range of applications from pattern recognition and system modeling to intelligent control problems and biomedical applications readership graduates and researchers in computer science especially those specialising in artificial intelligence neural networks fuzzy logic and pattern recognition 320pp 978-1-84816-691-2 sep 2012 us$130 £108 series in machine perception and artificial intelligence vol 75 pattern classification using ensemble methods by lior rokach ben-gurion university of the negev israel key features • provides state-of-the-art reviews of the most significant ensemble methods • describes a new unified taxonomy to categorize ensemble methods • highlights detailed pseudo-code and illustration of the most popular algorithms readership researchers advanced undergraduate and graduate students in machine learning and pattern recognition 244pp 978-981-4271-06-6 apr 2010 us$102 £85 £95 series on machine consciousness vol 2 consciousness and robot sentience by pentti o haikonen university of illinois at springfield usa key features • explains consciousness and delves into the treatment of qualia in philosophy and practical conscious robots • presents an architecture for conscious robots • presents a simple cognitive robot as an illustrative example readership enthusiasts in cognitive robot research including not only experts but also hobbyists as well as university students researchers and engineers on robots and or cognitive machines 256pp 978-981-4407-15-1 evolutionary computation fuzzy logic neural network and support vector machine techniques nov 2012 us$88 £73 series in machine perception and artificial intelligence vol 32 introduction to pattern recognition statistical structural neural and fuzzy logic approaches by menahem friedman nuclear research center-negv israel abraham kandel university of south florida usa tel-aviv university israel this book is an introduction to pattern recognition meant for undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and related fields in science and technology most of the topics are accompanied by detailed algorithms and real world applications in addition to statistical and structural approaches novel topics such as fuzzy pattern recognition and pattern recognition via neural networks are also reviewed each topic is followed by several examples solved in detail the only prerequisites for using this book are a one-semester course in discrete mathematics and a knowledge of the basic preliminaries of calculus linear algebra and probability theory readership undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and related fields in science and technology 344pp 978-981-02-3312-9 mar 1999 us$65 £54 3