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new new and and notable notable titles titles in in history of science series on knots and everything board games throughout the history and multidimensional spaces by jorma kyppö university of jyväskylä finland in this richly illustrated book dr jorma kyppö explores the history of board games dating back to ancient egypt mesopotamia india and china he provides a description of the evolution and various interpretations of chess furthermore the book offers the study of the old celtic and viking board games and the old hawaiian board game konane as well as a new hypothesis about the interpretation of the famous cretan phaistos disk descriptions of several chess variations including some highlights of the game theory and tiling in different dimensions are followed by a multidimensional symmetrical n-person strategy game model based on chess 250pp 978-981-3233-52-2 aug 2018 us$98 £86 soviet union in the context of the nobel prize by abram m blokh russian academy of sciences

liquidator physics the chernobyl story by sergei belyakov theracross technologies singapore in the late april of 1986 the world learned about the quaint town in the central ukraine — chernobyl the largest nuclear catastrophe in the history of mankind which affected the lives of millions and millions had forced the ussr government to take unprecedented actions one of them was the formation of a cleanup crew from the army reservists sergei belyakov then a phd scientist volunteered to become one of the many nuclear jumpers of that long-forgotten crew this book sums up his recollections about that nuclear jumper stint it is written not as a traditional memoir but as an alloy of personal views and feelings templated over the information about the chernobyl disaster from the official sources of those days it will give the western readers a chilling sense of the magnitude of the event that brought down the almighty soviet union 200pp 978-981-3227-41-5 978-981-3228-68-9pbk sep 2018

medicine a brief history of bacteria the everlasting game between humans and bacteria by daijie chen xiuping qian shanghai jiaotong university china with accessible language illustrations and comics this book explains how pathogenic bacteria cause diseases how the human immune system launches timely and effective defense mechanisms against bacterial infection why the discovery and application of penicillin and streptomycin are so important how scientists have created medicines to defeat bacteria and why these bacteria might outsmart modern medicine 296pp 978-981-3225-15-2 dec 2017 us$78 £69 journeys in medicine and research on three continents over 50 years by moyra smith uc irvine this book presents clinical and research aspects of medicine and social dimensions of healthcare it is designed for an audience with interest in health and societal factors it is in part autobiographical based on different phases of the author s life in medicine over 50 years 356pp 978-981-3209-53-4 jul

dear professor dyson pioneers in microbiology twenty years of correspondence between freeman dyson and undergraduate students on science technology society and life the human side of science by king-thom chung university of memphis usa jong-kang liu national sun yat-sen university taiwan 600pp 978-981-3202-94-8 978-981-3200-36-4pbk edited by dwight e neuenschwander southern nazarene university usa aug 2017 us$120 £100 us$48 £40 436pp 978-981-4675-84-0 978-981-4675-85-7pbk dear martin dear marcello viruses more friends than foes gardner and truzzi on skepticism by karin moelling university of zurich switzerland max planck institute for molecular genetics berlin germany edited by dana richards george mason university usa 492pp 978-981-3203-69-3 978-981-3203-70-9pbk mar 2016 us$66 £55 us$36 £30 apr 2017 us$88 £73 us$48 £40 420pp 978-981-3147-81-2 978-981-3147-82-9pbk oct 2016 us$58 £48 us$26 £18 newton and modern physics by peter rowlands university of