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connecting great minds new bestsellers 2016 new textbook essential textbooks in chemistry atmospheric chemistry from the surface to the stratosphere by grant ritchie oxford this book considers in detail the physics and chemistry of our contemporary planet and in particular its atmosphere explaining the chemistry and physics of the air that we breathe that gives rise to our weather systems and climate soaks up our pollutants and protects us from solar uv radiation the development of the complex chemistry occurring on earth can be explained through application of basic principles of physical chemistry as is discussed in this book it is therefore accessible to intermediate and advanced undergraduates of chemistry with an interdisciplinary approach relevant to meteorologists oceanographists and climatologists it also provides an ideal opportunity to bring together many different aspects of physical chemistry and demonstrate their relevance to the world we live in this book was written in

lectures in climate change vol 1 our warming planet forthcoming topics in climate dynamics edited by cynthia rosenzweig columbia university usa nasa goddard institute for space studies usa david rind nasa goddard institute for space studies usa andrew lacis university of iowa usa nasa goddard institute for space studies usa danielle peters columbia university usa our warming planet encompasses topics such as natural and anthropogenic climate forcing climate modeling radiation atmospheric dynamics/storms hydrology clouds the cryosphere paleoclimate sea level rise agriculture atmosphere chemistry and climate change education these lectures each provide snapshots of the cutting-edge work being done to understand what may well be the greatest challenge of our time presented in a form suitable for classroom presentation this full-color publication includes lectures with downloadable power point slides for students and teachers around the world to be better able to understand various

crucial issues in climate change and the kyoto protocol bestselling textbook empirical-statistical downscaling by rasmus e benestad inger hanssen-bauer deliang chen university of gothenburg sweden asia and the world edited by kheng-lian koh lin heng lye jolene lin asia pacific centre of environmental law national university of singapore crucial issues in climate change and the kyoto protocol asia and the world focuses on responses to climate change in the world’s most populous region this book provides the most comprehensive insight to the climate change discourse within asia to date by drawing on the diverse disciplines and experience of legal practitioners climate change consultants government officials and academics individual chapters address issues such as how the various asian countries — highly disparate in their cultures socio-economic conditions and political systems — are responding to climate change the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate

series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation icp series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation vol 1 bestseller icp series on climate change impacts adaptation and mitigation vol 3 handbook of climate change and agroecosystems the agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project agmip integrated crop and economic assessments — joint publication with american society of agronomy crop science society of america and soil science society of america in 2 parts edited by cynthia rosenzweig daniel hillel columbia university usa “the volume presents the advances reported in a clear and structured way in doing so it provides a new benchmark for state-of-the-art coordinated international research into this important topic.” professor andy challinor university of leeds “top agricultural scientists from around the world have taken up the challenge of sustainable agriculture with the specific focus on integrating agronomic

world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate vol 8 world scientific series on asia-pacific weather and climate vol 6 aridity trend in northern china climate change multidecadal and beyond edited by congbin fu nanjing university china huiting mao suny college of environmental science and forestry usa this book documents the climatic change in its arid and semi-arid areas on decadal to geological time scales based on analyses of various data sources these analyses improved our understanding of the potential mechanisms driving the aridity trend particularly in the second half of the 20th century based on these analyses and a systematic assessment of the impact of the aridity trend on the ecological and hydrological processes in northern china measures of human adaptation to the aridity trend for socio-economic developments are proposed readership graduate students academics and researchers in atmospheric

advances in geosciences series volumes 28 – 31 volumes 16 – 21 advances in geosciences volumes 16 – 21 edited by wing-huen ip national central university taiwan advances in geosciences volumes 28 – 31 edited by kenji satake university of tokyo japan these volumes provide a clear picture on the key issues dealing with environmental study and climate change of special interest to the asia-pacific scientific community in order to follow the breathtaking pace of scientific progress and the challenges to be faced these volumes are a must for any university library looking to asia for inspirations and solutions wing-huen ip professor national central university taiwan volume 28 atmospheric science as ocean science os volume 29 hydrological science hs volume 30 planetary science ps and solar terrestrial science st volume 31 solid earth science se this invaluable volume set of advances in geosciences continues the excellent tradition of the asia-oceania

other titles of interest world scientific series on the economics of climate change vol 2 structural geology and rock engineering climate finance by john w cosgrove imperial college london uk john a hudson imperial college london uk theory and practice edited by anil markandya ibon galarraga basque centre for climate change spain dirk rübbelke technische universität bergakademie freiberg germany this book gives an overview of the key debates that have emerged in the field of climate finance including those concerned with efficiency equity justice and contribution to the public good between developed and developing countries with the collaboration of internationally renowned experts in the field of climate finance the authors of this book highlight the importance of climate finance showing the theoretical aspects that influence it and some practices that are currently being implemented or have been proposed to finance mitigation and adaptation policies in the developed and

other titles of interest advances in chemistry of the contemporary atmosphere vol 1 uncertainty and catastrophe management the 2011 great east japan earthquake and beyond edited by akira ishikawa aoyama gakuin university japan atsushi tsujimoto hokkaido university japan advances in atmospheric chemistry volume 1 edited by john r barker allison l steiner university of michigan ann arbor usa timothy j wallington ford motor company usa uncertainty and catastrophe management is a clear and comprehensive guide to a variety of crises and seeks to offer practical advice on how best to avoid them minimize loss and damage once they have occurred and how best to recover from these situations the book examines 104 cases that run the gamut from natural disasters such as the 2011 tōhoku earthquake and tsunami to social movements like the ukrainian protests in 2013 from the syrian electronic army s cyber-attacks to the reputational damage to firms in the wake of a corporate scandal the aim of