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Catalog New & Bestsellers: Mathematical Logic & Foundations - May 2018

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world scientific connecting great minds new bestsellers bestsellers new mathematical logic foundations bestseller forcing for mathematicians by nik weaver washington university in st louis usa prefer digital view this online at http eliminating the universe logical properties of natural language by edward l keenan ucla this book synthesizes the author s work 1980s–2015 on the logical expressive power of natural language it extends the tools and concepts of model theory as used in higher order predicate logic to the study of natural language semantics it focuses on boolean structure generalized quantification separated from variable binding covering some cases of anaphora different categories — predicates adjective quantifiers — are modeled by non-isomorphic boolean lattices of empirical linguistic interest is the expressibility of many natural classes of quantifiers defined in terms of their logical automorphism invariant properties some of

new and forthcoming proof and computation mathematics almost everywhere digitization in mathematics computer science and philosophy in memory of solomon marcus edited by klaus mainzer technische universität münchen germany peter schuster università degli studi di verona italy helmut schwichtenberg ludwig-maximilians-universität münchen germany edited by alexandra bellow northwestern university usa cristian s calude university of auckland new zealand tudor zamfirescutechnical university of dortmund germany “simion stoilow” mathematical institute of the romanian academy romania this book is for graduate students and researchers introducing modern foundational research in mathematics computer science and philosophy from an interdisciplinary point of view its scope includes predicative foundations constructive mathematics and type theory computation in higher types extraction of programs from proofs and algorithmic aspects in financial mathematics by

the limits of mathematical modelling in the social sciences forcing iterated ultrapowers and turing degrees the significance of gödel’s incompleteness phenomenon edited by chitat chong nus singapore qi feng chinese academy of sciences china theodore a slaman uc berkeley w hugh woodin harvard yue yang nus singapore edited by francisco antonio doria universidade federal do rio de janeiro brazil current mathematical models are notoriously unreliable in describing the time evolution of unexpected social phenomena from financial crashes to revolution can such events be forecast can we compute probabilities about them can we model them this book investigates and attempts to answer these questions through gödel s two incompleteness theorems and in doing so demonstrates how influential gödel is in modern logical and mathematical thinking many mathematical models are applied to economics and social theory while gödel s theorems are able to predict their limitations for

bestsellers the mathematics that power our world memoirs of a proof theorist gödel and other logicians by mariko yasugi kyoto sangyo university japan nicholas passell university of wisconsin eau claire usa how is it made by joseph khoury gilles lamothe university of ottawa canada the topics are real life applications and they are explored to a remarkable depth some are a bit more demanding than others but the diversity of mathematics that is covered is probably a pleasant surprise and may serve as an eye opener that these ‘rather abstract’ mathematics can have very practical applications it mainly deals with mathematics that are needed to write the software to make the application work it is good enough to catch the basic principles instructors could easily set up some very nice projects with these topics or some parts can be inspirational to illustrate their mathematics courses european mathematical society readership advanced high school students undergraduates