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Catalog New & Bestselling: Numerical Analysis, Approximation & Optimization - June 2018

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world scientific connecting great minds new bestselling numerical analysis approximation optimization control optimization theory bestseller a concise introduction by jiongmin yong university of central florida usa this book introduces classical and basic results of optimization theory including nonlinear programming with lagrange multiplier method the karush – kuhn – tucker method fritz john s method problems with convex or quasi-convex constraints and linear programming with geometric method and simplex method it is for upper level undergraduate or graduate students and for researchers working on many interdisciplinary areas 236pp 978-981-3237-64-3 jul 2018 us$78 £69 kernel-based approximation methods using matlab by gregory fasshauer illinois institute of technology usa michael mccourt university of colorado denver usa this book presents modern theoretical results on kernel-based approximation methods and demonstrates their implementation in various settings

new and forthcoming explorations in numerical analysis by james v lambers amber c sumner the university of southern mississippi usa this textbook provides the reader an experience that is more conducive to arousing interest in numerical analysis thereby enhancing understanding this is to be accomplished by giving the reader a more hands-on experience with the material than existing textbooks through matlab exercises the purpose of these exercises is to augment the text with visualization and experimentation in order to involve the reader in the derivation and analysis of each algorithm as well as its implementation the book aids readers to understand the text through a combination of exposition about the evolution of problem-solving techniques and the theoretical results that support them and coding exercises and demonstrations to illustrate this evolution readership advanced undergraduate and graduate students 500pp 978-981-3209-96-1 978-981-3209-97-8pbk sep 2018 us$118 us$68 £98

discrete approximation theory by george a anastassiou university of memphis usa merve kester tusculum college usa the material forming a perfect integral whole offers information that puts the reader at the forefront of current research and determines fruitful directions for future advanced study clarity of the text and rigorous proofs represent other features of this monograph the monograph is addressed to researchers and graduate students specializing in pure and applied mathematics who are interested in a modern approach to discrete approximation theory mathematical reviews clippings readership graduate students and researchers 348pp 978-981-3145-83-2 nov 2016 us$148 £123 an introduction to applied matrix analysis by xiao qing jin seak-weng vong university of macau china this book gives an elementary introduction to applied matrix theory and it also includes some new results obtained in recent years chapters include perturbation and error analysis the conjugate gradient

bestsellers view more bestsellers at http meshfree approximation methods with matlab problems and solutions in scientific computing with c and java simulations with cd-rom by gregory e fasshauer illinois institute of technology usa with dvd-rom by willi-hans steeb yorick hardy alexandre hardy rand afrikaans university south africa ruedi stoop institute for neuroinformatics switzerland “the book gives a very readable account of the subject matters with algorithms and matlab implementations of the algorithms this is a good book for an introduction to the subject or for a basic computationally oriented course.” mathematical reviews 520pp 978-981-270-633-1 978-981-270-634-8pbk apr 2007 us$141 us$70 432pp 978-981-256-125-1pbk £117 £58 discrete fourier and wavelet transforms by enrico giusti universitàdi firenze italy by roe w goodman rutgers university usa this book is suitable as a textbook for an introductory undergraduate mathematics course