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new bestselling titles in political science international relations ganga rejuvenation governance challenges and policy options edited by ora-orn poocharoen robert james wasson xun wu lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore attempts over the past three decades to clean up and rejuvenate one of the world’s greatest rivers have proved futile the book explores spaces for better governance through active community participation knowledge management prospects of public-privatepartnership e-governance youth education waterfront development lessons from past failures comparative international analogies utilization of external aid and global expertise in successful implementation of a sustainable long-term plan for a river basin’s integrated development of both the economy and environment a host of activities such as improving pollution monitoring systems new development plans for tourism enhancement river dredging and sewering riparian cities are already being carried in the hope of quick results the government of india has also appointed a task force for preparation of a long-term strategy however substantial knowledge gaps persist especially with regard to governance 500pp oct 2017 978-981-4704-57-1 us$166 £138 shifting sands essays on sports and politics in the middle east and north africa by james m dorsey s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore shifting sands essays on sports and politics in the middle east and north africa is a compilation of essays that constitute a first stab at exploring the importance of sports in general and soccer in particular in the political social and cultural development of the middle east and north africa since the beginning of the 20th century in doing so the book provides a new fresh and unique perspective that contributes to understanding the turbulence sweeping the region that is fundamentally changing its geopolitics and political and social structures 300pp oct 2017 978-981-4689-76-2 us$132 £110 50 years of asean and singapore edited by tommy koh ambassador-at-large singapore sharon li-lian seah li lin chang on the 8th of august 2017 asean will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding asean is of great importance to singapore the region and the world singapore was one of the five founding members of asean together with indonesia malaysia philippines and thailand the grouping was joined later by brunei 1984 vietnam 1995 laos and myanmar 1997 and finally cambodia 1999 asean is today a very successful inter-governmental organization which promotes peace stability economic development and regional integration this volume brings together 50 essays written by singaporeans who have played a part in the partnership between asean and singapore the reader will be able to glean an insight into the workings of asean and singapore’s contributions to asean through the lens of diplomats academics civil society leaders and officials 300pp aug 2017 978-981-3225-11-4 us$98 £86 978-981-3225-12-1pbk us$48 £42 islam and peacebuilding in the asia-pacific edited by mohamed nawab mohamed osman s rajaratnam school of international studies ntu singapore islam and peacebuilding in the asia-pacific provides a unique backdrop of how native or migrant muslims interact with communities of other faiths have led to the contemporary treatment of islam and the muslim communities in these nations this book is based on the theme of islam’s presence and development in the asia-pacific region and the concerns faced by muslims in the region a unique collection of the history of islam in the region the book seeks to provide valuable insight for the global policy community by offering a comprehensive treatment of the issues highlighted 260pp aug 2017 978-981-4749-81-7 us$106 £88 national security public opinion and regime asymmetry a six-country study edited by t j cheng college of william and mary usa wei-chin lee wake forest university usa new conventional wisdom posits that the public in democracies is inattentive but not really ignorant nor easily swayed and indeed quite consistent and thoughtful when it comes to national security and foreign policy issues this volume builds on such a claim to study the attributes and impacts of public opinion on foreign and national security policy in six democracies taiwan south korea israel ukraine finland and west germany the approach here is a comparative rather than country-specific study combining qualitative and quantitative research methods to enrich our understanding of the complexity and intrigues of the interplay between public opinion and national security under the condition of regime asymmetry the wealth of data and careful examination of various issues from different theoretical approaches makes this volume an essential guide for courses and research in comparative foreign policy international relations and democratic processes 228pp jul 2017 978-981-3206-94-6 us$98 £81 here comes everyone anthropology and world affairs by ralph pettman hitotsubashi university japan international relations as a discipline is overwhelmingly top-down it looks at world affairs with notable detachment by taking a cultural anthropological approach however it is possible to engage with those involved in a more comprehensive and cogent way it is possible to provide a deeper understanding of how people live there this book directly addresses a significant gap in the international relations literature namely the lack of a systematic account of its cultural context it does so by examining the subject in anthropological terms it shows that is how cultural anthropologists are able to provide both analysts and leaders with an augmented awareness of what their field involves presenting a wide range of unique insights about how the world works it will be of interest to many readers such as students policymakers teachers researchers professionals and the general public alike 236pp may 2017 978-981-3209-18-3 u s$98 £81