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new books g eometry t opology prefer digital view this flyer online at http–geometry18-1 the mereon matrix everything connected through knothing edited by jytte brender mcnair aalborg university denmark lynnclaire dennis the mereon legacy cic uk louis h kauffman university of illinois at chicago usa in this richly illustrated book the contributors describe the mereon matrix its dynamic geometry and topology through the definition of eleven first principles it offers a new perspective on dynamic whole and sustainable systems that may serve as a template information model this template has been applied to a set of knowledge domains for verification purposes pre-life-evolution human molecular genetics and biological evolution as well as one social application on classroom management care has been taken to use images and languaging that are understandable across domains connecting diverse disciplines while making this complex system easily accessible readership

new books geometry topology the geometry topology and physics of moduli spaces of higgs bundles edited by richard wentworth university of maryland usa graeme wilkin nus singapore contents an introduction to the differential geometry of flat bundles and of higgs bundles olivier guichard an introduction to spectral data for higgs bundles laura schaposnik lectures on the topological recursion for higgs bundles and quantum curves olivia dumitrescu and motohico mulase an introduction to moduli stacks with a view towards higgs bundles on algebraic curves sebastian casalaina-martin and jonathan wise readership graduate students and researchers 370pp 978-981-3229-08-2 may 2018 us$138 £121 zeta functions of reductive groups and their zeros by lin weng kyushu university japan key features • genuine zeta functions for reductive groups over number fields are introduced and studied systematically based on i fine parabolic structures and lie structures involved ii a new stability

new books geometry topology spectral geometry of the laplacian geometry dynamics and topology of foliations spectral analysis and differential geometry of the laplacian a first course by hajime urakawa tohoku university japan the totality of the eigenvalues of the laplacian of a compact riemannian manifold is called the spectrum we describe how the spectrum determines a riemannian manifold the continuity of the eigenvalue of the laplacian cheeger and yau’s estimate of the first eigenvalue the lichnerowicz – obata’s theorem on the first eigenvalue the cheng’s estimates of the kth eigenvalues and payne – pó lya – weinberger’s inequality of the dirichlet eigenvalue of the laplacian are also described then the theorem of colin de verdière that is the spectrum determines the totality of all the lengths of closed geodesics is described we give the v guillemin and d kazhdan’s theorem which determines the riemannian manifold of

new books geometry topology category theory and applications an introduction to geometrical physics 2nd edition a textbook for beginners develops the theory by presenting examples and ca 300 exercises focuses on the unifying power of the geometrical language in bringing together concepts from many different areas of physics 304pp 978-981-3231-06-1 us$98 844pp 978-981-3146-81-5pbk us$88 £86 hessian polyhedra invariant theory and appell hypergeometric functions emphasizes the fundamental unity of mathematics i.e geometry algebra analysis and arithmetic are interacted with each other by the hessian group 400pp 978-981-3209-47-3 us$148 £123 noncommutative cosmology a novel approach to the cosmology based on techniques from noncommutative geometry £42 genericity in polynomial optimization explains recent developments from singularity theory and semialgebraic geometry for studying polynomial optimization problems 260pp 978-1-78634-221-8 us$88 £73 contains strategy on