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new booksin mathematical modeling computation quantum techniques in stochastic mechanics by john baez uc riverside centre for quantum technologies singapore jacob d biamonte skolkovo institute of science and technology russia we introduce the theory of chemical reaction networks and their relation to stochastic petri nets — important ways of modeling population biology and many other fields we explain how techniques from quantum mechanics can be used to study these models this relies on a profound and still mysterious analogy between quantum theory and probability theory which we explore in detail we also give a tour of key results concerning chemical reaction networks and petri nets readership graduate students and researchers in the field of quantum and mathematical physics 280pp 978-981-3226-93-7 apr 2018 us$98 £86 impact factor 2.860 ranked 6 in mathematics applied category advanced textbooks in mathematics mathematics of planet earth a primer edited by dan crisan

new books in mathematical modeling computation grammar of complexity from mathematics to a sustainable world computational foundations of mathematics science technology and philosophy by dimitri volchenkov texas tech university usa by klaus mainzer technical university of munich germany the book is an introduction for both graduate students and newcomers to the field of the modern theory of mesoscopic complex systems time series hypergraphs and graphs scaled random walks and modern information theory as these are applied for the exploration and characterization of complex systems our self-consistent review provides the necessary basis for consistency we discuss a number of applications such diverse as urban structures and musical compositions 300pp 978-981-3232-49-5 apr 2018 us$98 £86 probability models and applications corrected 2nd edition by ingram olkin stanford leon j gleser university of pittsburgh usa cyrus derman columbia university usa written by renowned experts in the

bestsellers the limits of mathematical modeling in the social sciences differential equations as models in science and engineering by gregory baker the ohio state university usa the significance of gödel’s incompleteness phenomenon edited by francisco antonio doria universidade federal do rio de janeiro brazil current mathematical models are notoriously unreliable in describing the time evolution of unexpected social phenomena from financial crashes to revolution can such events be forecast can we compute probabilities about them can we model them this book investigates and attempts to answer these questions through gö del’s two incompleteness theorems and in doing so demonstrates how influential gödel is in modern logical and mathematical thinking many mathematical models are applied to economics and social theory while gö del’s theorems are able to predict their limitations for more accurate analysis and understanding of national and international

related books lectures problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations 2nd edition contains 1,000 problems with solutions that feature applicatons in natural sciences and engineering 572pp 978-981-3226-13-5pbk us$58 £51 the mereon matrix everything connected through knothing an approach to the unification of knowledge that relies on whole systems modelling 950pp 978-981-3233-55-3 us$198 £174 comprehensive overview on different types of higher order boundary value problems defined on the half-line or on the real line 216pp 978-981-3209-90-9 us$98 extends the application field and describes newly built models and their simulation techniques £106 the linearised dam-break problem developes the theory of strong uniformity and includes novel applications in large dynamical systems £139 risk theory a heavy tail approach combines the practical aspects of risk theory with theoretical background of applied probability 508pp 978-981-3223-14-1 us$169 £149