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new forthcoming mathematics 2018 prefer digital view this flyer online at http the mereon matrix everything connected through knothing edited by jytte brender mcnair aalborg university denmark lynnclaire dennis the mereon legacy cic uk louis h kauffman university of illinois at chicago usa in this richly illustrated book the contributors describe the mereon matrix its dynamic geometry and topology through the definition of eleven first principles it offers a new perspective on dynamic whole and sustainable systems that may serve as a template information model this template has been applied to a set of knowledge domains for verification purposes pre-life-evolution human molecular genetics and biological evolution as well as one social application on classroom management care has been taken to use images and languaging that are understandable across domains connecting diverse disciplines while making this complex system easily accessible readership researchers in

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 algebra combinatorics number theory notes on the binomial transform  board games by khristo n boyadzhiev  ohio northern university usa  by jorma kyppö university of jyväskylä finland theory and table with appendix on stirling transform in the first part we present the theory of the binomial transform for sequences with a sufficient prerequisite of classical numbers and polynomials the first part provides theorems and tools which help to compute binomial transforms of different sequences and also to generate new binomial identities from the old these theoretical tools formulas and theorems can also be used for summation of series and various numerical computations in the second part we have compiled a list of binomial transform formulas for easy reference readership graduate and researchers in number theory discrete mathematics combinatorics statistics 208pp jun 2018 978-981-3234-97-0 us$88 £75 978-981-3234-98-7ebook us$132

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 number theory and its applications ii mathematical logic foundations by hailong li weinan normal university china fuhuo li sanmenxia suda transportation energy saving technology co ltd china nianliang wang shangluo university china shigeru kanemitsu kyushu institute of technology japan mathematics almost everywhere edited by alexandra bellow northwestern university usa cristian s calude university of auckland new zealand tudor zamfirescu technical university of dortmund germany “simion stoilow” mathematical institute of the romanian academy romania the aim of the book is to give a smooth analytic continuation from basic subjects including linear algebra group theory hilbert space theory etc to number theory with plenty of practical examples and workedout exercises and the scope ranging from these basic subjects made applicable to number-theoretic settings to advanced number theory this book can then be read without tears it will

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 geometry topology high dimensional knotting an illustrated guide by dennis roseman university of iowa usa focused on concrete examples and constructions and using extensive computer generated three-dimensional graphics this book serves as a guide to methods and examples of higher dimensional knotting the book has modest mathematical requirements has been written with non-specialists in mind and contains considerable background information knotting whether fanciful or practical has been of interest to many — from sculptors to sailors and in more modern times of interest to mathematicians biologists and physicists as well spaces of dimensions greater than three are also of widespread interest in the arts sciences and engineering as well as mathematics readership graduate students and researchers scientists and engineers 500pp sep 2018 978-981-3237-39-1 us$178 £157 978-981-3237-40-7ebook us$267 £236 minimal submanifolds and related topics

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 mathematical analysis differential integral equations an operator theory problem book by mohammed hichem mortad university of oran 1 algeria the book contains essential background on all of the covered topics with the sections true or false questions exercises tests and more exercises there are answers and detailed solutions another virtue is the variety of topics and exercises and the way they are tackled the approaches are different from what is known in literature very recent results from research papers are included readership undergraduate students lecturers and tutors in operator theory and functional analysis 600pp 978-981-3236-25-7 jul 2018 us$98 £86 lectures on functional analysis and applications 2nd edition by v s pugachev i n sinitsyn russian academy of sciences russia the materials covered which includes practically all the information on functional analysis that may be necessary for those working in various areas of mathematics

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 abstract duality pairs in analysis by charles swartz new mexico state university usa the book presents a theory of abstract duality pairs which arises by replacing the scalar field by an abelian topological group in the theory of dual pair of vector spaces examples of abstract duality pairs are vector valued series spaces of vector valued measures spaces of vector valued integrable functions spaces of linear operators and vector valued sequence spaces these examples give rise to numerous applications such as abstract versions of the orlicz – pettis theorem on subseries convergent series the uniform boundedness principle the banach – steinhaus theorem the nikodym convergence theorems and the vitali – hahn – saks theorem from measure theory and the hahn – schur theorem from summability a first course in partial differential equations by j robert buchanan zhoude shao millersville university usa this textbook gives an

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 mathematical computation modeling quantum techniques in stochastic mechanics numerical and symbolic computations of generalized inverses by yimin wei fudan university china predrag stanimirovic marko petkovic university of nis serbia we introduce new methods connecting numerics and symbolic computations i.e both the direct and iterative methods as well as the symbolic method for computing the generalized inverses these will be useful for engineers and statisticians in addition to applied mathematicians also main applications of generalized inverses will be presented symbolic method covered in our book but not discussed in other book which is important for numerical-symbolic computations readership graduate students and researchers 460pp sep 2018 978-981-3238-66-4 us$158 £139 978-981-3238-67-1ebook us$237 £209 by john baez uc riverside centre for quantum technologies singapore jacob d biamonte skolkovo institute of science and technology

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 mathematical physics related topics quantum field theory quantum physics and micro-macro duality by izumi ojima research origin for dressed photon japan kazuya okamura nagoya university japan hayato saigo nagahama institute of bio-science and technology japan according to the fundamental concept “adjunctions” in category theory the micro and macro in nature can be connected in a coherent way which constitutes quite an effective theoretical and mathematical machinery that has not been commonly recognized on the basis of this concept many important problems in physics and mathematics can be viewed from quite different and fresh angles which facilitate deep understanding and the satisfactory solution of those problems readership graduate students and researchers 300pp 978-981-3238-36-7 nov 2018 us$98 £86 maxwell equation inverse scattering in electromagnetism by hiroshi isozaki university of tsukuba japan how can one determine the

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 noncommutative cosmology emergence of the quantum from the classical by matilde marcolli california institute of technology usa perimeter institute for theoretical physics canada university of toronto canada mathematical aspects of quantum processes modified gravity models play an important role in contemporary theoretical cosmology the present book proposes a novel approach to the topic based on techniques from noncommutative geometry especially the spectral action functional as a gravity model the book discusses applications to early universe models and slow-roll inflation models to the problem of cosmic topology to non-isotropic cosmologies like mixmaster universes and bianchi ix gravitational instantons and to multifractal structures in cosmology readership graduate students and researchers in mathematical physics and theoretical cosmology 308pp jan 2018 978-1-78634-414-4 us$118 £104 978-1-78634-415-1ebook us$177 £156 analysis on fock

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 probability statistics nonconventional limit theorems and random dynamics estimations and tests in change-point models the book is devoted to limit theorems for nonconventional sums and arrays asymptotic behavior of such sums were first studied in ergodic theory but recently it turned out that main limit theorems of probability theory such as central local and poisson limit theorems can also be obtained for such expressions in order to obtain sufficiently general local limit theorem we develop also thermodynamic formalism type results for random complex operators which is one of the novelties of the book this book provides a detailed exposition of the specific properties of methods of estimation and test in a wide range of models with changes they include parametric and nonparametric models for samples series point processes and diffusion processes with changes at the threshold of variables or at a time or an index of sampling it contains many new

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 numerical analysis optimization mathematics education explorations in numerical analysis logic in wonderland this textbook introduces the field of numerical analysis this field pertains to the design analysis and implementation of algorithms for the approximate solution of mathematical problems that arise in applications spanning science and engineering and are not practical to solve using analytical techniques such as those taught in courses in calculus linear algebra or differential equations for each problem considered the presentation includes the derivation of solution techniques analysis of their efficiency accuracy and robustness and details of their implementation illustrated through the matlab programming language by nitsa movshovitz-hadar technion israel institute of technology israel atara shriki oranim academic college of education israel by james v lambers amber c sumner the university of southern mississippi usa readership advanced

new forthcoming mathematics 2018 popular recreational mathematics the tangram puzzle book by ilan garibi david goodman the tangram is one of the most ancient puzzles in the world requiring one to figure out the arrangement of the seven pieces of a tangram set just by looking at the silhouette of the shape this fresh and original book presents a collection of different types of puzzles the puzzles here use the pieces as building units only and present a variety of challenges in a twist to the classic tangram puzzles most puzzles in this book do not allow connection between pieces unless they share a common edge a point-to-point connection is forbidden with this slight change in rules we opened up a whole new universe of endless puzzles and challenges readership puzzle and riddle lovers 190pp jun 2018 978-981-3234-00-0 us$65 £57 978-981-3235-20-5pbk us$35 £31 978-981-3234-01-7ebook us$98 £86 kenken math logic puzzles that will make you smarter vol 1 the kenken method