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new forthcoming titles in business management te x tb o o k handbook world scientific reference on innovation in 4 volumes volume 1 university technology transfer and academic entrepreneurship volume 2 engineering globalization reshoring and nearshoring management and policy issues volume 3 open innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurship issues and perspectives volume 4 innovation in information security editor-in-chief donald siegel arizona state university usa this multi-volume set covers a wide range of topics on innovation which are all of great interest to academics policymakers university administrators state and regional economic development officials and students two unique features of the volume are the large body of global evidence on innovation presented and its consideration of the following timely and important topics in innovation cybersecurity open innovation the globalization of r&d and university technology transfer innovation is a topic of great importance in many

new forthcoming titles in business management more details at https the scale-up manual agribusiness the multi-level perspectives of agribusiness by walter amedzro st-hilaire university of ottawa canada what is the business configurations in agribusiness system is not the power likely to focus on a restricted number of big manufacturers and on a much more limited number of distributors how to design the future role of the sme and producers the book identifies the challenges of modern agribusiness in their globalities the author anticipates stakeholder strategies and addresses socio-economic political and management challenges the changing environment of agribusiness the sectoral structure challenges and the requirements for successful execution of agriproduction or changing strategies for existing the food distributors as well as provides some recommendations readership students and researchers of agribusiness and marketing courses business

new forthcoming titles in business management business exit strategies innovation technology management family-owned and other business by frederick d lipman blank rome llp usa this book analyzes various business exit strategies for both family-owned businesses as well as other businesses both in the united states and throughout the world approximately 80 to 90 of all businesses in the world are family-owned the book discusses among other things 12 common mistakes in attempting to sell a business to third parties methods of marketing the business negotiation of key sale terms negotiating employment and consulting agreements avoiding traps in sale agreements creating a professional advisory team and alternatives to a sale to an unrelated third party readership professors and students of business schools entrepreneurs business consultants attorneys accountants advisors to start-up and middle-market companies angel investors private equity funds 164pp 978-981-3233-21-8 feb 2018 us$58

new forthcoming titles in business management more details at https researching open innovation in smes series on technology management vol 31 innovation heroes understanding customers as a valuable innovation resource by fiona schweitzer grenoble École de management france joe tidd university of sussex uk this book provides the knowledge necessary for succeeding in a world where companies increasingly work side-by-side with customers to create new products and services it is a pivotal navigation tool that helps cruise the ocean of customer integration methods and explains how the methods work when to choose which and how to seize advantages while avoiding pitfalls readership r&d marketing and innovation practitioners graduate and undergraduate students interested in innovation management engineering management design or marketing 308pp 978-1-78634-536-3 jul 2018 us$98 £86 digital enablement edited by shan ling pan m s sandeep

new forthcoming titles in business management series on technology management vol 29 exploiting intellectual property to promote innovation and create value edited by joe tidd university of sussex uk this book identifies how intellectual property can be harnessed to create and capture value through exploiting new opportunities for innovation it is organized around three related themes public policies for ip firm strategies for ip and creating value from ip and offers insights from the latest research on ip strategies and practices to create and capture the economic and social benefits of innovation readership students and researchers studying innovation and intellectual property rights professionals in the innovation/intellectual property rights field 408pp 978-1-78634-350-5 dec 2017 us$148 £130 series on innovation and knowledge management vol 14 this book includes top papers presenting the major and diverse topics discussed at the ickm 2017 the papers covered various aspects

new forthcoming titles in business management more details at https leadership operations management supply chain management the art of leadership perspectives from distinguished thought leaders edited by kwon ping ho arnoud de meyer singapore management university singapore focusing on leadership and issues pertinent to our global landscape this is an in-depth analysis and enriching collection of knowledge and perspectives from illustrious thought leaders who have spoken at the podium of singapore management university smu smu’s thought leadership series seeks to inspire asia and beyond with the views and opinions of internationally eminent and outstanding academics scholars business or political leaders who have achieved distinction in their respective fields readership policy makers entrepreneurs business leaders and practitioners academics and researchers specializing in leadership and management tertiary and university students

new forthcoming titles in business management lifting productivity in singapore’s retail and food services sectors textbook service and operations management the role of technology manpower and marketing by cengiz haksever rider university usa barry render rollins college usa by mun heng toh nus singapore measuring productivity is often considered a difficult task for industries in the services sectors this book offers a solution in the form of the 8m approach — management manpower method money market make material and message this 8m framework is used to analyze the many facets of productivity and make pertinent solutions and suggestions to lift productivity in enterprises especially those in the retail and food services sectors readership policy makers in public sectors bosses and executives of small and medium enterprises smes general readers interested in productivity in singapore 456pp 978-981-3228-31-3 jul 2018 us$98 £85 topics in lean supply chain

new forthcoming titles in business management the socio-economic approach to management journals steering organizations into the future for a free institutional trial or subscribe to these journals please contact us at by john conbere alla heorhiadi seam institute usa socio-economic approach to management seam is a different way to lead and manage organizations — or to put simply steer them what differentiates seam from traditional management first seam focuses on both the people and economic sides of the workplace second seam identifies and reduces hidden costs through engaging employees and developing their potential the results are increased efficiency and profitability sustainable organizational development and higher employee engagement readership graduate students and practitioners interested in organizational management and change 188pp 978-981-3232-98-3 jun 2018 us$88 £77 in the current environment of severe global competition an uncertain business