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new forthcoming titles in east asian studies when trees fall monkeys scatter rethinking democracy in china by john keane university of sydney australia predictions of the coming collapse of chinese politics are today commonplace however this thought-provoking book explores a radically different alternative china it argues is a one-party-dominated political system whose surprising levels of public support and resilience in the face of serious economic environmental and social problems suggest that it is more durable than most outside observers suppose written for students and teachers researchers and general readers fascinated by the rising global power of china when trees fall monkeys scatter shows why locally-made democratic practices often favour one-party rule and why china is becoming a globally significant political laboratory a 21st century testing ground for a new type of top-down popular government at odds with power-sharing democracy as it was known during the past

farewell to china’s gdp worship china’s logic byjinzaoli chinanational to urism administration china the balance development by lixing zou china development bank research institute china by saying goodbye to china’s gdp worship the role of gdp may be downplayed and restored to its original position based on the outstanding research findings of many visionaries and the initial practices in some local areas in recent years this book proposes to switch the focus to multi-dimensional and comprehensive indicators from gdp alone and establish a new economic and social evaluation system that is abandon the gdp-centered evaluation system or gdp worship and adopt a comprehensive evaluation system for economic and social development embodying the scientific outlook on development — the comprehensive development index cdi 320pp oct 2017 978-981-3220-23-2 us$118 £98 series on china-asean relations vol 1 china-asean relations cooperation and development volume 1

eai series on east asia series on contemporary china vol 40 china’s development social construction in contemporary china social investment and challenges by litao zhao east asian institute nus singapore china has made remarkable yet uneven progress in social development this book analyses china’s achievements and problems in social development from the perspective of social investment this book focuses on a few policy areas central to social investment and capacity building including education technical training r&d and the hukou reform it also analyses challenges and limitations of china’s social investment policies it sheds light on the most notable feature of china’s social investment regime which is the concentration of resources privileges and policy support on sectors and institutions with more growth potential this helps to explain why china’s progress in social development is remarkable but unequal 150pp oct 2017 978-981-3223-44-8 us$88

bestseller spillover effects of china going global the china horizon glory and dream of a civilizational state by weiwei zhang fudan university china shanghai academy of social sciences china by joseph pelzman george washington university usa “the china horizon is the clearest sharpest most muscular most internally consistent challenge to western assumptions about democracy and universal values controversial even in china zhang weiwei articulates a maximalist though nuanced view of china’s rise that demands attention from all who think they know china disagree with the china horizon argue with it but please do not ignore it.” robert lawrence kuhn author of how china’s leaders think the book recaptures the essence of china’s past glory and discusses the horizon of the chinese dream as well as how china should meet the various challenges ahead it offers a unique and original perspective on the future of this coming superpower like the china wave this