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farewell to china’s gdp worship china’s logic byjinzaoli chinanational to urism administration china the balance development by lixing zou china development bank research institute china by saying goodbye to china’s gdp worship the role of gdp may be downplayed and restored to its original position based on the outstanding research findings of many visionaries and the initial practices in some local areas in recent years this book proposes to switch the focus to multi-dimensional and comprehensive indicators from gdp alone and establish a new economic and social evaluation system that is abandon the gdp-centered evaluation system or gdp worship and adopt a comprehensive evaluation system for economic and social development embodying the scientific outlook on development — the comprehensive development index cdi 320pp oct 2017 978-981-3220-23-2 us$118 £98 series on china-asean relations vol 1 china-asean relations cooperation and development volume 1 edited by jianren lu zuojun fan guangxi university china this book presents comprehensive and in-depth studies on chinaasean cooperation and development by chinese scholars part 1 contains the general report including the introduction of china-asean cooperation achievements and problems in politics economy diplomacy security military defense maritime and cultural aspects part 2 studies the relation and cooperation between china and individual asean nations including the evaluation of each asean nation’s politics economy diplomacy society and culture part 3 analyzes the building of china-asean community of common destiny bilateral cooperation in the building of 21st century maritime silk road finance and ecological environment china-asean expo and guangxi-asean cooperation part 4 studies important issues of southeast asia including the south china sea disputes the missing malaysia airlines mh 370 progress in the building of asean economic community military coup in thailand anti-china events in vietnam and general election in indonesia part 5 contains short commentaries on the key events happened in some asean nations part 6 chronicles major events in china-asean cooperation in asean nations and in guangxi-asean cooperation 400pp oct 2017 978-981-3228-90-0 us$128 £113 the law of balance is not just a motivating power but also serves the purpose of development how did human society develop in a balanced manner in history how is china’s modernization impacted by the law of equilibrium how does the law of balance affect china’s economic and trade relations with other countries this book attempts to answer these questions and more it applies the balance law methodology to systematically analyze major factors influencing the sustainable development of the chinese economy and society and to discuss the balanced way of thinking market credit innovation energy and international collaboration that boost sustainable development while the theoretical system of socialism with chinese characteristics needs a balanced development perspective solving the problem of imbalance requires a balanced approach as well as a balanced interaction between man nature and society which is the key factor for economic development in the 21st century 380pp oct 2017 978-981-3222-62-5 us$138 £121 peking university series on sociology and anthropology vol 5 institutional change and rural industrialization in china the putting-out system in handicraft industry in late qing and early republic period by feizhou zhou peking university china in classic sociology theory the putting-out system in handcraft production was regarded as traditional and inefficient in the context of republican china it was believed that this kind of household-based production system would have totally failed in competition with the factory system of machinery production however this book exhibits the historical fact that the putting-out system was booming in handcraft textile production and subsequently provides an explanation to this phenomenon from the perspectives of institutional analysis and quantitative modeling with rich county-level data and comprehensive analysis this book is valuable for both researchers academics and students in economics and social history studies 200pp oct 2017 978-981-4569-91-0 us$108 £90 china through american eyes early depictions of the chinese people and culture in the us print media by wenxian zhang rollins college usa eai series on east asia cultural understanding between the united states and china has been a long and complex process the period from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century is not only a critical era in modern chinese history but also the peak time of illustrated news reporting in the united states besides images from newspapers and journals this collection also contains pictures about china and the chinese published in books brochures commercial advertisements campaign posters postcards etc together they have documented colourful portrayals of the chinese and their culture by the u.s print media and their evolution from ethnic curiosity stereotyping and racial prejudice to social awareness reluctant understanding and eventual acceptance this collection of images has essentially formed a rich visual resource that is both diverse and intriguing and as primary source documents they carry significant historical and cultural values that could stimulate further academic research 552pp oct 2017 978-981-3202-25-2 u s$58 £48 politics culture and identities in east asia integration and division edited by peng er lam east asian institute nus singapore tai wei lim singapore university of social sciences singapore east asian institute nus singapore this edited book reflects the “yin-yang” of east asia — the analogy of co-existing “hot and cold” trends in that region to concentrate only on geopolitical competition and regional “hot spots” will exaggerate if not misrepresent east asia as a hobbesian world another focus of this volume is on the politics of identity the distinctiveness character and flavour of a group real or imagined can be “cool” “cool” as in being charming and appealing transcends national boundaries plurality and diversity of identities and cultures in east asia can be a celebration of life and humanity however xenophobic identities often based on exclusive race language religion and hegemony and its subsequent politicisation can rend a nation apart 150pp oct 2017 978-981-3226-22-7 us$88 £77