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bestseller spillover effects of china going global the china horizon glory and dream of a civilizational state by weiwei zhang fudan university china shanghai academy of social sciences china by joseph pelzman george washington university usa “the china horizon is the clearest sharpest most muscular most internally consistent challenge to western assumptions about democracy and universal values controversial even in china zhang weiwei articulates a maximalist though nuanced view of china’s rise that demands attention from all who think they know china disagree with the china horizon argue with it but please do not ignore it.” robert lawrence kuhn author of how china’s leaders think the book recaptures the essence of china’s past glory and discusses the horizon of the chinese dream as well as how china should meet the various challenges ahead it offers a unique and original perspective on the future of this coming superpower like the china wave this book is both discerning and provocative and serves as a required reading for everyone concerned with the rise of china and its global implications 196pp jul 2016 978-1-938134-72-2 us$55 £46 978-1-938134-73-9pbk us$24 £20 china and the group 20 the interplay between a rising power and an emerging institution edited by catrina schläger friedrich-ebertstiftung germany dongxiao chen shanghai institutes for international studies china alexander rosenplänter friedrich-ebertstiftung germany haibing zhang shanghai institutes for international studies china the first part of the book analyses important policy issues facing the g20 and global economic gover nance including the g20’s role in strengthening and promoting global macroeconomic coordination reform of the international financial system the stability and effectiveness of the international monetary system the integration of international trade and investment regimes the new agenda of international development and the complex relations among the major powers the second part focuses on china’s relations with the united states the eu and the other brics countries and their implications to the g20’s development in this insightful and unique book joseph pelzman shows how the second largest world economy triggered off many spillover effects beyond mass-labour production of durable and non-durable goods — such as the provision of foreign aid to african latin american and asian economies and increasing focus on internal endogenousinnovation re s e a rc hand development he provides a comprehensive look at these spillover effects and analyzes how they will undoubtedly bring positive opportunities for others within the rest of the world in the 21st century 388pp oct 2016 978-981-4603-34-8 us$128 £106 the origins of japanese – chinese territorial dispute using historical records to study the diaoyu senkaku islands issue by tadayoshi murata yokohama national university japan most books on the diaoyu/senkaku islands dispute between china and japan are authored by either chinese who argue that the islands belong to china or by japanese who contend that the islands are rightfully japan’s this book is the first of its kind — by a japanese who supports china’s claim or vice versa written by one of the foremost historians on sino – japanese relations tadayoshi murata professor emeritus from japan’s yokohama national university delves into the japanese archives and uncovers evidence that shows japan’s ownership of the disputed islands is historically untenable given the current impasse surrounding the islands professor murata suggests as a way out the two sides jointly manage the disputed territories based on mutual understanding 352pp aug 2016 978-981-4749-10-7 us$150 £125 340pp jan 2017 978-1-938134-89-0 us$145 £120 journals china quarterly of international strategic studies editor-in-chief dongxiao chen shanghai institutes for international studies china access free-to-read articles on issues studies a social science quarterly on china taiwan and east asian affairs editor-in-chief jenn-hwan wang national chengchi university access free-to-read articles on for orders or enquiries please contact any of our offices below or visit us at • north south world scientific publishing co inc 27 warren street suite 401-402 hackensack nj 07601 usa fax 1-201-487-9656 tel 1-201-487-9655 email america • europe the middle east • asia the rest of the world printed in july 2017 world scientific publishing uk ltd 57 shelton street covent garden london wc2h 9he uk fax 44-20-7836-2020 tel 44-20-7836-0888 e-mail world scientific publishing co pte ltd 5 toh tuck link singapore 596224 fax 65 6467 7667 tel 65 6466 5775 email sp/vs/07/17/11/lt