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new forthcoming titles in east asian studies b se est ller series on contemporary china vol 41 china in comparative perspective by xin liu uc berkeley by stephan feuchtwang hans steinmüller london school of economics uk moralization of china alongside china’s vast material development there came a change of its mental habits largely affected by the technological revolution in the means of mass communication this book shows how such a change has brought — and yet been brought by — a new form of pictorial thought essentially sensuous and imagery which is suggesting a possible future for the world today’s china is different from what it used to be the maoist years appear even to the official mind an absurdity and this difference is evident in the replacement of the maoist mass-politics by what should be called “moral politics “ which is petty and personal it is the moralizing practice that characterizes today’s china when the birth of

new forthcoming titles in east asian studies east asian studies in the perspective of regional integration edited by xinbo wu shanghai international studies university china integration of east asia seems an irresistible trend as east asian countries are closely interdependent with each other and share many common interests in economic development this book analyzes the cooperation and challenges of east asian countries in the process of integration it includes 15 chapters in four sections the first section discusses the impact of east asia cooperation and economic integration the second section emphasizes the election of political leadership in east asia the third section covers the topics of east asian cultural identity history and norms the fourth section studies the relationship between east asia and the world the chapters are selected from two trilateral symposia held in seoul and shanghai in 2013 an 2014 respectively the symposia offer comprehensive and diversified views of

new forthcoming titles in east asian studies china’s logic the new silk road china meets europe in the baltic sea region the balance development by lixing zou china development bank research institute china a business perspective the law of balance is not just a motivating power but also serves the purpose of development how did human society develop in a balanced manner in history how is china’s modernization impacted by the law of equilibrium how does the law of balance affect china’s economic and trade relations with other countries this book focuses on the business and economic dimensions of china’s initiative chinese government objective and policies the strategies of chinese and foreign firms along the silk road trade and investment between china and nordicbaltic countries the eurasia land bridge corridors and logistics the impact of the new silk road on the economies of central asia new institutions financing the “belt and road”

new forthcoming titles in east asian studies the economic transformation of china notable titles anthropology of china the china as ethnographic and theoretical critique feuchtwang stephan bruckermann charlotte by dwight h perkins harvard the economic transformation of china is a collection of essays written by an eminent observer of the chinese economy the book covers the chinese transformation beginning in the 1950s and continuing through the second decade of the twenty-first century it includes an analysis of the forces that held china back before 1949 the nature of the economy as it operated under the soviet model of development and the transformation since 1978 into a “socialist market economy.” the essays of the post-1978 era reflect the author’s view of the state of the reform effort at the time the essay was written and carries the story up to the 2012 – 2013 slowdown in economic growth 516pp aug 2015 978-981-4612-37-1 us$125 £104