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world scientific connecting great minds new and forthcoming titles in economics finance handbook contingency approaches to corporate finance in 4 volumes a world scientific reference health economics and policy selected writings by victor fuchs by victor r fuchs stanford the collection represents an extraordinary intellectual achievement and a handbook for anyone thinking about health and health policy edited by dan galai zvi wiener the hebrew university of jerusalem israel michel crouhy natixis france the contingent claim approach cca to the valuation of corporate debt and equity was introduced by black and scholes and merton as a method for valuation of corporate debt and equity the cca considers all stakeholders of the corporation as holding contingent claims on the assets of the corporation each claim holder has different priorities maturities and conditions for payouts in the four volumes we present the major academic research on cca to corporate finance volume i covers the

more information at https developmental economics agricultural economics textbook handbook the economics of the middle east and north africa mena world scientific handbook in financial economics series vol 6 handbook of the economics of wine 2nd edition by joseph pelzman george washington university usa in 2 volumes volume 1 prices finance and expert opinion volume 2 reputation regulation and market organization edited by orley ashenfelter princeton university usa olivier gergaud kedge business school france karl storchmann new york university usa william ziemba ubc london school of economics uk over the last three decades wine economics has emerged as a growing field within agricultural economics but also in other fields such as finance trade growth environmental economics and industrial organization wine has a few characteristics that differentiate it from other agricultural commodities rendering it an interesting topic for economists

environmental sustainable economics textbook introduction to microfinance economics of natural disasters by todd a watkins lehigh university usa introduction to microfinance provides a nontechnical introduction to the broad array of inclusive financial and non-financial services for the world s poor it explores the financial lives of those families and the microfinance institutions and rapidly growing industry that serve them written in close collaboration with college students for college students under the auspices of one of the us s leading undergraduate programs in microfinance it is the first-ever introductory college textbook about microfinance edited by suman kumari sharma euston quah ntu singapore readership undergraduates and graduates interested in microfinance and those who are keen to know more about microfinance development and or social investing unlike existing books on the topic that cover more on non-economic aspects of natural disasters this book covers economic

more information at https pollution across borders transboundary fire smoke and haze in southeast asia edited by euston quah tsiat siong tan ntu singapore this book is a collection of insights from experts of various fields and will entail discussions of the recurring haze problem in southeast asia it discusses multiple aspects of the haze problem what is the cause of the haze who are the perpetrators and victims what are the impacts and costs of the haze why has the haze problem persisted for decades are there prospects of resolving the pollution how should we analyze the issue which solutions are more or less effective than others how can we involve the stakeholders readership graduates and researchers interested in environmental aspects transboundary haze and general public interested in knowing more about haze 348pp 978-981-3203-91-4 jun 2018 us$128 £113 general economics between science and economics vol 1 from scientific progress to

mastering megatrends understanding and leveraging the evolving new world by doris naisbitt john naisbitt from the author of the new york times bestseller megatrends ten new directions transforming our lives comes the new title on dealing with the complexity of change it is one thing to spot the real trends from the fads but it is another whole new ball game to deal with the incoming trend this is the centrepiece of mastering megatrends readership general public 208pp 978-981-3234-91-8 feb 2018 us$29 £26 available in asia only globalization world scientific studies in international economics offshoring causes and consequences at the firm and worker level edited by holger görg aoife hanley kiel institute for the world economy germany this volume brings together research papers dealing with the causes and consequences of offshoring the first part considers causes and motives of offshoring the second part then looks at the implications of offshoring for the firms involved the

more information at https healthcare policies and systems in europe and china comparisons and synergies edited by attilio mucelli marche polytechnic university italy francesca spigarelli university of macerata italy the book sheds light on both the potential benefits and obstacles to the integration of chinese and western medicine as well as practices and industries in europe and china an interdisciplinary approach is adopted throughout using tools and technical knowledge derived from the economics social sciences legal and medical fields readership graduates researchers and policy-makers seeking for a holistic understanding of healthcare policies and systems both in theory and in practice 516pp 978-981-3231-21-4 jan 2018 us$158 £139 international economics world scientific studies in international economics policy externalities and international trade agreements by nuno limão university of maryland usa the book policy externalities and

world scientific studies in international economics vol 66 world scientific studies in international economics vol 62 theory and evidence welfare inequality and unemployment international and interregional migration edited by francisco l rivera-batiz columbia university usa global and regional migration flows have exploded in the last few decades written by renowned migration expert francisco l rivera-batiz this book provides a collection of articles offering a comprehensive overview of the economic analysis of migration flows and the associated policy issues a rich discussion of the various theoretical approaches and empirical evidence available in economics is presented to analyze international and interregional labor migration furthermore policy reforms such as immigration policy changes made in the us and other countries in recent years as well as innovative new approaches are examined readership graduate students and researchers specialized in international labor and

more information at https world scientific series in finance vol 13 lecture notes stock market crashes world scientific lecture notes in economics and policy vol 5 predictable and unpredictable and what to do about them by william t ziemba ubc london school of economics uk mikhail zhitlukhin the russian academy of sciences russia sebastien lleo neoma business school france lecture notes in public budgeting and financial management stock market declines of ten percent or more are both costly and frequent the authors share what they have learned about dodging these disasters based on decades of research data analysis and trading edward o thorp author of a man for all markets and the new york times bestseller beat the dealer readership students researchers and the general public who are interested to understand more about stock market crashes and what to do about them 308pp oct 2017 978-981-3222-60-1 us$98 £86 978-981-3222-61-8pbk us$35

mathematical quantitative finance modern trends in financial engineering vol 2 stochastic drawdowns financial engineering by hongzhong zhang columbia university usa by alexander lipton mit connection science usa in this book the author provides an extensive probabilistic study of different aspects of drawdown risks which include the drawdown risk in finite time-horizons the speed of market crashes drawdowns the frequency of drawdowns the occupation time time in distress and the duration of drawdowns leveraging the knowledge in stochastic calculus lévy processes and optimal stopping these topics can be considered as problems in advanced applied stochastic processes and insurance/financial mathematics selected works of alexander lipton alex lipton revolutionized financial engineering over a phenomenal career lasting multiple decades while he is by no means done this book takes stock of this magnificent achievement peter carr professor and department chair masters of science in

more information at https textbook financial mathematics for actuaries 2nd edition by wai-sum chan the chinese university of hong kong yiu-kuen tse singapore management university financial mathematics for actuaries is a textbook for students in actuarial science quantitative finance financial engineering and quantitative risk management and is designed for a one-semester undergraduate course covering the theories of interest rates with applications to the evaluation of cash flows the pricing of fixed income securities and the management of bonds this textbook also contains numerous examples and exercises and extensive coverage of various excel functions for financial calculation discussions are linked to real financial market data such as historical term structure and traded financial securities readership undergraduate students in actuarial science quantitative finance financial engineering and quantitative risk management 372pp oct 2017

money banking financial markets handbook of global financial markets transformations dependence and risk spillovers edited by sabri boubaker champagne school of management france university paris est france duc khuong nguyen ipag business school france indiana university usa the objective of this handbook is to provide the readers with insights about current dynamics and future potential transformations of global financial markets we intend to focus on four main areas dynamics of financial markets financial uncertainty and volatility market linkages and spillover effects and extreme events and financial transformations readership graduate students policy-makers and researchers in the fields of money banking international finance and risk management nov 2018 us$238 £209 investment strategies for retirement by franck nicolas natixis asset management france this publication intended for investment professionals customer advisors and individuals interested in personal finance and

electronic trading and blockchain lecture notes yesterday today and tomorrow world scientific lecture notes in finance by richard l sandor american financial exchange usa environmental financial products llc usa university of chicago law school usa lecture notes in market microstructure and trading by peter joakim westerholm university of sydney australia this book written by joakim westerholm professor of finance and former trading professional is intended to be used as basis for developing courses in securities markets trading and market microstructure and connects theoretic rigor with practical real world applications readership undergraduate graduate and research students and academics interested in the mechanism that drives trading in securities markets as well as future markets that may develop 250pp 978-981-3234-09-3 nov 2018 us$85 £75 richard sandor has been a leading financial innovator beginning with his role in the nascent development of electronic trading in the