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general popular science titles in 2018 new from micro to macro adventures of a wandering physicist by vlatko vedral oxford nus singapore “in the course of speculating about unifications that might close the amazing blatant ‘gaps’ in our knowledge vedral provides a refreshing and engaging tour of those gaps and of the apparently firmer ground between them.” prof david deutsch oxford university mathematical institute readership students general public academic professionals 192pp apr 2018 978-981-3229-51-8 us$58 £51 978-981-3231-40-5pbk us$28 £25 nobel and lasker laureates of chinese descent in literature and science edited by todd s ing loyola university chicago usa keith k lau university of hong kong shenzhen hospital china joseph m chan columbia university usa hon-lok tang princess margaret hospital hong kong angela t hadsell laurence k chan university of colorado usa the scientist and the forger probing a turbulent art world 2nd edition by

new general popular science titles in 2018 general chemistry wonders of water the hydrogen bond in action by ivar olovsson university of uppsala sweden the book presents the fantastic world of water in all its different forms from liquid to ice and snow this book is amply illustrated with a large number of beautiful pictures with water plays a unique role in chemistry the special properties of water are due to hydrogen bonding between the h2o molecules the hydrogen bond is of fundamental importance in biological systems since all living matter has evolved from and exists in an aqueous environment and hydrogen bonds are involved in most biological processes there is a hundred times more water molecules in our bodies than the sum of all the other molecules put together 156pp dec 2017 978-981-3229-11-2 us$58 £51 978-981-3235-16-8pbk us$28 £25 reminiscences of ahmed h zewail photons electrons and what else a portrait from close range remembrances of his group members and family

new general popular science titles in 2018 general mathematics the paper puzzle book  problem solving in mathematics and beyond volume 7 all you need is paper by ilan garibi, david goodman, yossi elran  learn concepts as you go!  many of the puzzles are new and original they complement the classic puzzles that are included and all of them come with a solution as well as a mathematical and geometrical explanation that can be easily understood by all the layout of the book with its extensive puzzles solutions and detailed descriptions make it a sure candidate as the paper puzzle ‹bible› for enthusiasts and puzzle lovers everywhere readership: puzzle and riddle lovers and origami enthusiasts.  264pp 978-981-3202-40-5 978-981-3202-41-2pbk mar 2018 us$48 us$28 £42 £25 kenken math logic puzzles that will make you smarter volume 1 the kenken method — puzzles for beginners  150 puzzles and solutions to make you smarter created

new general popular science titles in 2018 general medical life sciences how medicines are born  the 21st century guide to writing articles in the biomedical sciences the imperfect science of drugs by shiri diskin science write right israel  the book covers the framework for constructing a scientific study into a coherent narrative that can later be easily translated into a written manuscript the content of each article section in accordance with the imrad format is covered and many details for the construction of additional submission materials are provided characteristics of papers reporting on specific types of research are presented as well as article types other than the general full research article the book is full of resources for additional reading and learning 154pp 978-981-3231-86-3 978-981-3233-75-1pbk feb 2018 us$58 us$28 £51 £25 by lisa vozza italian association for cancer research italy & maurizio d’incalci istituto di

new general popular science titles in 2018 general physics liquidator clouds are not spheres the chernobyl story by sergei belyakov theracross technologies singapore in the late april of 1986 the world learned about the quaint town in the central ukraine — chernobyl the largest nuclear catastrophe in the history of mankind which affected the lives of millions and millions had forced the ussr government to take unprecedented actions one of them was the formation of a cleanup crew from the army reservists they were tasked with a titanic chore of cleaning the chernobyl nuclear power plant from radioactive debris after the explosion of reactor #4 sergei belyakov then a phd scientist volunteered to become one of the many “nuclear jumpers” of that long-forgotten crew this book sums up his recollections about that nuclear jumper stint readership people who are interested in the chernobyl story 200pp nov 2018 978-981-3227-41-5 us$48 £42 978-981-3228-68-9pbk us$28 £25

new general popular science titles in 2018 a bouquet of dyson reflections on science and scientists “gina says” adventures in the blogosphere string war by jeremy bernstein stevens institute of technology usa by gil kalai hebrew university of jerusalem israel my friendship with freeman dyson goes back over a half century my first contact with him goes back to the late 1950s when i was at the institute for advanced study and then evolved when i was a consultant at general atomics in la jolla california freeman was then trying to design a space ship — the orion — which would be propelled by atomic bombs when i left the institute freeman and i continued our correspondence and i saved his letters they are written in an almost calligraphically elegant handwriting it is hard to see how you could make a mistake in a mathematical computation if you wrote that clearly the letters show his human side and his enormous range of knowledge this book uses the blog debate

new general popular science titles in 2018 a three-part set for newtonian scholars historians of science philosophers of science and others interested in newtonian physics by peter rowlands university of liverpool uk newton — innovation and controversy analytically-derived truths are controversial because such truths can only be established by extended experimental verification or by their success in generating further truths by systematic development while newton’s optics was ultimately established by the first method and his theory of gravity by the second much of his work on other subjects though equally powerful and innovative has never been totally established as part of this analytical context this book discusses why the innovations matter today and why they were and sometimes still are controversial 324pp 978-1-78634-401-4 jan 2018 us$115 £101 newton and the great world system mathematics is in many ways the most generic and abstract of all systems of human

new general popular science titles in 2018 general science interest the grant writing and crowdfunding guide for young investigators in science women at imperial college by jean-luc lebrun justin lebrun scientific reach usa this book is a celebration of women in science technology medicine and business at imperial college london it shows the inspirational role women played in the creation of the legacy of the college since its inception and represents a guide to their achievements past present and future by anne barrett imperial college london uk “… this book is certainly a great resource for the young investigator seeking to improve his chances of success in grant application — everything he needs to know and do is carefully and clearly explained and illustrated with examples follow the advice given and your chances of securing a grant will surely be greatly increased!” francis yeoh nus singapore readership women in science medicine business and