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new books in algebra number theory related topics number theory and its applications ii by hailong li weinan normal university china fuhuo li sanmenxia suda transportation energy saving technology co ltd china nianliang wang shangluo university china shigeru kanemitsu kyushu institute of technology japan this book aims to give a smooth analytic continuation from basic subjects including linear algebra group theory hilbert space theory etc to number theory by way of plenty of practical examples and worked-out exercises the scope is from these basic subjects made applicable to number-theoretic settings to advanced number theory then the book can be read without tears and it will be of immense help to the reader to acquire basic sound skills of number theory and its applications readership advanced undergraduate students graduate students and researchers interested in the use of operators through number-theoretic examples number-theoretic control systems applications of number theory etc 300pp 978-981-3231-59-7 apr 2018 us$98 £86 category theory and applications a textbook for beginners by marco grandis universitàdi genova italy this book is addressed to students and researchers of these fields and can be used as a text for a first course in category theory it covers its basic tools like universal properties limits adjoint functors and monads these are presented in a concrete way starting from examples and exercises taken from elementary algebra lattice theory and topology then developing the theory together with new exercises and applications the theory is developed presenting other examples and some 300 exercises the latter are endowed with a solution or a partial solution or adequate hints 280pp 978-981-3231-06-1 feb 2018 us$98 £86 infinite group theory from the past to the future edited by paul baginski benjamin fine fairfield university usa anthony m gaglione united states naval academy usa the development of algebraic geometry over groups geometric group theory and group-based cryptography has led to there being a tremendous recent interest in infinite group theory this volume presents a good collection of papers detailing areas of current interest this book is centered on infinite group theory from a combinatorial and geometric point of view it also contains material on non-commutative algebraic group-based cryptography readership graduate students and researchers 212pp 978-981-3204-04-1 feb 2018 us$98 £81 free access to featured articles at http please log in to your existing account or register for a free account to enjoy this  2 numeral systems with irrational bases for mission-critical applications by alexey stakhov international club of the golden section canada this volume sets forth new informational and arithmetical fundamentals of computer and measurement systems based on fibonacci p-codes and codes of the golden p-proportions and also on bergman’s system and “golden” ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic the book presents some new historical hypotheses concerning the origin of the egyptian calendar and the babylonian numeral system with base 60 dodecahedral hypothesis as well as about the origin of the mayan’s calendar and their numeral system with base 20 icosahedral hypothesis the book is intended for the college and university level the book will also be of interest to all researchers who use the golden ratio and fibonacci numbers in their subject areas and to all readers who are interested to the history of mathematics readership researchers in mathematics and computer science 284pp 978-981-3228-61-0 dec 2017 us$118 £104 a course on abstract algebra 2nd edition by minking eie shou-te chang national chung cheng university taiwan “the text is greatly enriched by many varied and wonderful examples all carefully worked out and revealing some of the more subtle points of the theories this is the text’s greatest asset the authors have succeeded in writing a solid and complete text with many rich and varied examples that introduces the basics of modern algebra to the undergraduate audience.” mathematical reviews three whole new chapters are added to this edition group action is introduced to give a more in-depth discussion on sylow’s theorems we also provide a formula in solving combinatorial problems as an application we devote two chapters to module theory which is a natural generalization of the theory of the vector spaces readers will see the similarity and subtle differences between the two in particular determinant is formally defined and its properties rigorously proved 432pp 978-981-3229-62-4 nov 2017 us$88 £77 a graduate course in algebra in 2 volumes by ioannis farmakis martin moskowitz city university of new york usa this comprehensive two-volume book deals with algebra broadly conceived volume 1 chapters 1 – 6 comprises material for a first year graduate course in algebra offering the instructor a number of options in designing such a course volume 1 provides as well all essential material that students need to prepare for the qualifying exam in algebra at most american and european universities volume 2 chapters 7 – 13 forms the basis for a second year graduate course in topics in algebra as the table of contents shows that volume provides ample material accommodating a variety of topics that may be included in a second year course to facilitate matters for the reader there is a chart showing the interdependence of the chapters 872pp aug 2017 978-981-3142-60-2set us$178 £148 978-981-3142-61-9set pbk us$98 £81 prefer digital view this online at http