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new books in algebra number theory related topics compactifications of pel-type shimura varieties and kuga families with ordinary loci by kai-wen lan university of minnesota twin cities usa this book is a comprehensive treatise on the partial toroidal and minimal compactifications of the ordinary loci of pel-type shimura varieties and kuga families and on the canonical and subcanonical extensions of automorphic bundles the results in this book serve as the logical foundation of several recent developments in the theory of p-adic automorphic forms and of the author’s work with harris taylor and thorne on the construction of galois representations without any polarizability conditions which is a major breakthrough in the langlands program this book is important for active researchers and graduate students who need to understand the above-mentioned recent works and is written with such users of the theory in mind providing plenty of explanations and background materials which should be helpful for people working in similar areas it also contains precise internal and external references and an index of notation and terminologies 580pp 978-981-3207-32-5 sep 2017 us$168 £148 crystal bases representations and combinatorics by daniel bump stanford anne schilling uc davis this unique book provides the first introduction to crystal base theory from the combinatorial point of view crystal base theory was developed by kashiwara and lusztig from the perspective of quantum groups its power comes from the fact that it addresses many questions in representation theory and mathematical physics by combinatorial means this book approaches the subject directly from combinatorics building crystals through local axioms based on ideas by stembridge and virtual crystals it also emphasizes parallels between the representation theory of the symmetric and general linear groups and phenomena in combinatorics the combinatorial approach is linked to representation theory through the analysis of demazure crystals the relationship of crystals to tropical geometry is also explained 292pp mar 2017 978-981-4733-43-4 us$118 £98 978-981-4733-44-1pbk us$58 £48 a walk through combinatorics 4th edition an introduction to enumeration and graph theory by miklós bóna university of florida usa “this is still one of the best introductions to combinatorics.” mathematical association of america new to this edition are the quick check exercises at the end of each section in all the new edition contains about 240 new exercises extra examples were added to some sections where readers asked for them the selected advanced topics are ramsey theory pattern avoidance the probabilistic method partially ordered sets the theory of designs enumeration under group action generating functions of labeled and unlabeled structures and algorithms and complexity readership upper level undergraduates and graduate students 616pp 978-981-3148-84-0 nov 2016 us$125 £104 an introduction to non-abelian class field theory automorphic forms of weight 1 and 2-dimensional galois representations by toyokazu hiramatsu hosei university japan seiken saito waseda university japan this monograph provides a brief exposition of automorphic forms of weight 1 and their applications to arithmetic especially to galois representations one of the outstanding problems in arithmetic is a generalization of class field theory to non-abelian galois extension of number fields in this volume we discuss some relations between this problem and cusp forms of weight 1 readership advanced undergraduate and graduate students and researchers in number theory 188pp 978-981-3142-26-8 nov 2016 us$98 £81 p-adic aspects of modular forms edited by baskar balasubramanyam iiser pune india haruzo hida ucla a raghuram iiser pune india jacques tilouine université paris 13 france nearrings nearfields and related topics edited by kuncham syam prasad kedukodi babushri srinivas panackal harikrishnan manipal university india bhavanari satyanarayana acharya nagarjuna university india foreword by günter pilz johannes kepler university austria recent developments in various algebraic structures and the applications of those in different areas play an important role in science and technology one of the best tools to study the nonlinear algebraic systems is the theory of near-rings the foreword note explains about past developments and future prospects in the theory of nearrings and nearfields certain applications of nearrings are found in a few chapters some of the chapters are independent however flow is maintained in all the chapters it also include few chapters of exploratory approach the aim of this book is to give a systematic exposition of results in some important cases where p-adic families and p-adic l-functions are studied we first look at p-adic families in the following cases general linear groups symplectic groups and definite unitary groups we also look at applications of this theory to modularity lifting problems we finally consider p-adic l-functions for gl2 the p-adic adjoint l-functions and some cases of higher gln contributors include jacques tilouine david geraghty and more readership researchers in algebra and number theory 344pp 978-981-4719-22-3 aug 2016 us$118 £98 readership graduate students and researchers request for inspection copy 324pp 978-981-3207-35-6 http jan 2017 us$128 £106 prefer digital view this online at http 3